Post-Punk Band JE T’AIME Drowns Its Sorrows In Endless Parties With ‘PASSIVE’


February 17, 2022 – French post-punk band, JE T’AIME has unveiled the first part of their two-part album, PASSIVE/AGGRESSIVE.

‘PASSIVE’  is the central link of a trilogy started by the eponymous album of the band , JE T’AIME. We follow the evolution of the same antihero; a common avatar of the three musicians. The tone hardens, the atmosphere becomes more melancholic, and the lyrics embrace bitterness and anger.

The new album, ‘PASSIVE’ continues the theme about the difficulty of growing up. Our main character is constantly caught up in the past, repeats the same mistakes and ends up not being able to move forward in his life. It is no mystery that the band’s music constantly looks for influences in the past 80’s for that reason.

“The three of us have very different influences. So, on this record, we felt the need to find how to mix our three personalities while maintaining coherence. That gives a more complex sound, but still catchy, dark and open at the same time, to bring life to the lyrics based on our own stories.”

If this episode is called ‘PASSIVE’ despite its obvious energy, what can be expected of the next chapter that will close the trilogy,  ‘AGGRESSIVE’ coming in October?

About the “Stupid Songs” music video:

Can doubtful musical taste put your life in danger of dying? At least that’s what it looks like in this new music video from the Parisian trio JE T’AIME who invited the singer Ophelia from coldwavers Saigon Blue Rain to sing (and sigh) in front of the camera. Or is it simply a schizophrenic delusion of a lovesick singer? You’ll be the judge.

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