Outlaw Country Singer-Songwriter Beau Nair Releases His Fourth Album BEAUNANZA

Outlaw Country Singer-Songwriter Beau Nair Releases His Fourth Album BEAUNANZA  

Beau Nair Releases 4th Album in 4 Months, With Plans To Release an Album A Month Well Into 2023


New York, NY – (October 7, 2022) – After years on the road crisscrossing the United States playing Honky Tonks, saloons, pool halls, and trailer parks alike, prolific outlaw country singer-songwriter Beau Nair recently started releasing his catalog of music that he wrote, recorded and produced during the pandemic. So far Beau has released an album a month since July starting with his debut album, TRUTH OR NAIR  followed by his sophomore album BEAUDACIOUS in August and third album NAIRLY THAIR in SeptemberNow Beau is ready to release his strongest record to date with his fourth album BEAUNANZA being released today October 7th. This new album follows the success Beau’s stand out singles “I’m So Hard” and “Funk You” off his debut album. For the music video for  “Funk You”  Beau brought on  legendary director Kii Arens who has worked with artists like, Elton John, Ringo Starr,  Paul McCartney and more! In addition, to premieres Beau has been staying busy in the press speaking with some of top names in music like his recent interview with Up N Country The SDR Show as well as Bringin’ It Backwards on the American Songwriter Podcast Network.  Now Beau is ready to release more new music to his adoring fans with his latest release
BEAUNANZA following the buzz he has created for himself so far with the successful monthly releases of his first three albums.

It important to note that unlike many modern artists who create their music with a full team of musicians, engineers and producers etc., Beau Nair created all of his releases so far as a one man team, not only singing and playing all the instruments himself but also writing, recording, mixing and mastering all of his own music in house.  Given this unique skillset some have come to calling Beau the Prince and/or Frank Zappa of Country given his hands on approach to creating his music.  Beau Nair is not your run of the mill Country artist. At an early age, he mastered the bass guitar and decided that he was going to bring something to country music that it had always sorely lacked: FUNK. In marrying the two genres, Beau Nair created Funktry, a style to unify his sweet melodies and saucy lyrics with a groove so deep it’ll leave marks on your sphincter. No better is that uniquely Beau Nair Funktry sound heard than on Beau’s latest album BEAUNANZA.

When asked about the release of BEAUNANZA, Beau said, “This album is fourth in a series of original albums I am releasing over the span of nine months. These songs were all written and recorded faster than any time in my life, as if they- and the world- just needed them to appear right now. As these albums progress, you will hear my evolution to be as raw, dirty and loveably smutty as I am in real life.”

Born to a pair of dope smugglers in a seedy motel along Highway 66, Beau Nair was an outlaw on the run from an early age, living a nomadic lifestyle that saw him travel throughout the Southern States of America throughout his childhood. At a young age Beau discovered legendary country singer Jim Reeves when he heard his music playing from the backroom of a New Orleans brothel while his Pappy was getting his weekly tune up. It was on this day in the Crescent City that Beau found his calling: to become the greatest country superstar the world had ever known. As Beau travelled the highways of America, he spent his formative years in Honky Tonks, saloons and pool halls soaking up all the glorious 45’s their jukeboxes could spin. Beau soon mastered the bass guitar and later began learning boogie woogie piano from the best of the barrelhouse badasses he encountered. As the years went on, Beau became an underground sensation on a multitude of local country scenes as he continued to criss cross America, jamming and performing wherever and with whoever he could. Years later, on one fateful tour to California, Beau Nair ate what Bill Hicks would refer to as a “heroic” dose of mushrooms and squeegeed his third eye. In a year’s time- and with copious doobies in hand- Beau created over a hundred of the sauciest, juiciest tunes your jukebox had ever been penetrated by. This music poured forth like a torrent of twangy funk, giving Beau a big burst of booty-shaking tunes. With the release of this new music, Beau Nair is ready to change the worlds perception of country music with his unique style of Funktry. Stay tuned to Beau’s socials below for updates on the release of future releases following BEAUNANZA  as well as upcoming tour dates from the prolific outlaw country artist.

2022 Album Release Schedule: 
MR. BEAU DANGLES   11/04/22
BEAUNAFIDE   12/02/22
*More Albums/ Dates To Be Announced*

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