WHITECELL Reveals Horror Video Comic, “Deal with the Devil”!

WHITECELLGRAMMY® nominated songwriter, recording engineer and touring guitarist for multi-Gold and Platinum selling band IN THIS MOMENT RANDY WEITZEL–has revealed the masterful horror video comic for his newest single, “Deal with the Devil.” With all visuals and vibrations created by Weitzel himself, “Deal with the Devil” encapsulates all of the best of cinematic 80s rock and horror shlock, and will forever hold a place on Halloween playlists!

“Hello fiends, welcome to the Phantom Asylum! There is no tale more chilling than that of one who summons the darkness! Enter, if you dare!

“That night I had summoned a dark force and now a hellish curse was upon me! …and a chase through blackness began – – for my sanity, and my soul!” …

If you’re ever a permanent guest of the Phantom Asylum, may this curse never fall upon you! See you soon… We’ll be waiting!” Dr. Randall G. Whitecell

“This song and video were created in the eye of the global pandemic storm and represent everything I was feeling at that time. While in lockdown, isolated and battling the demons in my mind, I turned to my salvation to get me through… horror movies and heavy fucking metal! WHITECELL – ‘Deal with the Devil is Hell’ spawned into human form!” – Randy Weitzel

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Randall Weitzel is a GRAMMY® nominated songwriter, recording engineer and touring guitarist for the multi-Gold & Platinum selling band In This Moment. Randy also writes, records, and performs original music, ranging from rock and metal to acoustic and orchestral, for tv, film, and multimedia.

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