Delusive Relics Unveils New Single, “Fairy Ring”


January 23, 2023 – Electronic band, Delusive Relics have just unveiled their new single, “Fairy Ring”.

A fairy ring is a naturally occurring circular or arc-shaped pattern of mushrooms or other fungi that grows in grassy areas. These rings are formed by the underground mycelium (network of fungal threads) of certain fungi, and the mushrooms or toadstools that appear above ground are the reproductive structures of the fungi.

Fairy rings can vary in size, with some being just a few feet in diameter and others reaching up to 50 feet or more. The mycelium in the soil expands outward from a central point, and as it depletes nutrients in the center, mushrooms sprout in a ring where the mycelium is still active.

Throughout history, fairy rings have been surrounded by folklore and myths. In European folklore, it was believed that fairy rings were created by dancing fairies during the night. Different cultures have various superstitions and legends associated with these mysterious rings, often linking them to magical or supernatural events.

“Fairy Ring” is available on all major digital platforms including Bandcamp and Spotify.

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