Story Of The Year Celebrates 20 Years Of Page Avenue with An Explosive Sold Out Show At Starland Ballroom


In a nostalgic and electrifying night at Starland Ballroom, Story of the Year took fans on a thrilling journey through time, celebrating the anniversary of their breakthrough record, “Page Avenue.” As the iconic venue pulsated with the energy of devoted fans, the band delivered a performance that transcended mere musicality, creating a symbiotic connection between the stage and the audience. With each note and lyric, Story of the Year not only honored the past but also showcased their enduring relevance and unwavering passion for their craft, solidifying their status as pioneers of the emo and post-hardcore genres. The celebration of “Page Avenue” was not just a concert; it was a visceral and unforgettable experience that reminded everyone in attendance why this band remains a powerhouse in the alternative music scene.  Here’s what you may have missed out on.

In an explosive and nostalgic evening at Starland Ballroom, Story of the Year, with their iconic lineup featuring the dynamic Dan Marsala on vocals, the skillful guitarists Ryan Phillips, the powerful bassist Adam Russell, and the rhythmic precision of drummer Josh Wills, delivered a concert that not only celebrated the anniversary of their breakthrough record, “Page Avenue,” but also solidified their status as influential figures in the alternative music scene.

The journey began with the crowd erupting into cheers as Story of the Year opened with “And the Hero Will Drown.” Marsala’s stage presence was commanding, his vocals cutting through the air with intensity, setting the tone for a night filled with high-octane performances. Phillips  showcased his guitar prowess, delivering the unmistakable riffs that defined the band’s signature sound. Russell’s basslines added a robust foundation, while Wills’ drumming provided the heartbeat driving the music forward.

Transitioning seamlessly into “Dive Right In,” the band maintained an electric energy that reverberated through the venue. Marsala’s connection with the audience was palpable, as he effortlessly navigated the emotional range of the song. The chemistry between band members was evident, creating a cohesive unit that fueled the performance.

“Divide and Conquer” further demonstrated the band’s musical dexterity, with Marsala’s vocals seamlessly transitioning from fierce screams to melodic harmonies. Phillips guitar work was a testament of years of brilliant song writing, creating a sonic tapestry that captivated the crowd. Russell’s basslines added a thunderous quality, underscoring the intensity of the performance.

The emotional apex of the evening arrived with “Anthem of Our Dying Day.” Marsala’s vocals soared to new heights, delivering the song’s heartfelt lyrics with raw emotion. The chemistry between band members reached a pinnacle during this ballad, showcasing their ability to convey vulnerability while maintaining a powerful musical presence. The audience swayed in unison, caught in the emotional currents of the performance.

Transitioning into “Burning Years,” Story of the Year unleashed a torrent of sonic intensity. Marsala’s vocals once again took center stage, delivering the song’s anthemic chorus with a fervor that resonated with the crowd. Phillips  guitar work created a wall of sound, while Russell and Wills provided a rhythmic foundation that propelled the performance forward.

“We Don’t Care Anymore” and “Swallow the Knife” continued the sonic assault, with Marsala’s vocals cutting through the air like a knife. The band’s energy remained relentless, and the chemistry between band members remained unwavering. Russell’s basslines provided a pulsating undertone, adding depth to the aggressive melodies, while Wills’ drumming maintained a driving force that fueled the intensity of the set.

As the concert reached its climax, Story of the Year embarked on the encore, beginning with the emotionally charged “Tear Me To Pieces.” Marsala’s vocals reached into the depths of vulnerability, creating a haunting and intimate atmosphere. The band displayed a remarkable ability to transition from high-energy anthems to emotionally charged ballads seamlessly.

The encore took an unexpected turn as the band treated the audience to a cover medley, paying homage to their musical influences. From the infectious melodies of Yellowcard’s “Ocean Avenue” to the anthemic chorus of Taking Back Sunday’s “Cute Without the ‘E’,” Story of the Year expertly navigated through the medley, showcasing their versatility as performers. Marsala’s ability to embody the spirit of each cover was a testament to his vocal range and adaptability.

The medley continued with My Chemical Romance’s “I’m Not OK” and The Used’s “The Taste of Ink,” each cover seamlessly integrated into the performance. The band’s respect for their peers was evident, and the audience responded with enthusiastic approval. The medley served as both a nostalgic journey through early 2000s alternative music and a nod to the bands that influenced Story of the Year’s sound.

Closing out the night with their adrenaline-packed anthem, “Until the Day I Die,” Story of the Year left an indelible mark on Starland Ballroom. The song’s infectious energy and anthemic chorus had the entire venue singing along, creating a collective moment of unity. Marsala’s stage presence was electrifying, and the band delivered a performance that transcended mere nostalgia, solidifying their relevance in the present.

In conclusion, Story of the Year’s performance at Starland Ballroom was a masterclass in musical prowess and showmanship. Each band member brought their A-game, contributing to a performance that showcased the enduring power of “Page Avenue” and the band’s influential presence in the alternative music scene. From Marsala’s emotive vocals to the seamless collaboration of Phillips, Russell, and Wills, Story of the Year proved that their music not only stands the test of time but continues to evolve, leaving an indelible impact on all those fortunate enough to witness their electrifying performance.