Introducing: Jordan Michelle // New Single “Never Date A Gemini” With Tosh The Drummer Out Now!

New Single with Tosh The Drummer
“Never Date A Gemini”
Out Now!
Photo credit: Santos Villaneda
Los Angeles, CA – May 26, 2022 – Emerging pop rock singer, songwriter and entrepreneur Jordan Michelle has released her new single “Never Date A Gemini” with rising in-demand drum talent Tosh The Drummer (Jxdn, Machine Gun Kelly, Lil Nas X). PRESS HERE to download/stream. Inspired by a bad relationship, “Never Date A Gemini” (Wayward Music), produced, mastered and co-written by John J. Fox (LostinVegas, Brad Blackburn, Rook), gives voice to those revenge fantasies that many would like to act out but won’t actually commit. PRESS HERE to watch the official music video for “Never Date A Gemini,” directed by Rick Wayne.
“I think music gives voice to the parts of us that we want to express but can’t actually carry out in real life,” Michelle explains. “I remember this time I was cheated on. I was in a situation where I was really scared of confronting the person because he would tend to gaslight me. I was afraid that not only would my whole life blow up in my face, but he’d blame me for it or tell me I was crazy and that when we broke up, he’d tell everyone I was crazy, instead of admitting fault for what he did. So, I gave voice to this little piece of anger that tends to get overlooked. We, for the most part (or at least I), tend not to act out of anger. I might want to punch someone in the face or tell someone off, but I usually won’t act on it, even though I want to; those revenge fantasies that we think would just feel so damn good. This song gives voice to that part of you, that you’re like ‘Well, since you’re gonna tell everyone I’m crazy anyway, might as well have the satisfaction of fucking your shit up.’ I’m also really excited about this record because it’s my first co-release with Tosh, who has become like a brother to me. He’s drummed on a number of my records, but I wanted to really feature him on this. Instead of having a bridge, I decided to just have an outro where he could really go off. In the chorus, I talk about smashing headlights and fighting someone, so I wanted the outro to feel like we’re just thrashing. Between me yelling and Tosh going off on the drums, it’s almost like he’s helping me get revenge. I have been so excited to put this record out and am glad Gemini season is finally upon us.”
Jordan Michelle combines a wide spectrum of influences from Gwen Stefani, Green Day and Paramore to Christina Aguilera, Machine Gun Kelly and Yungblud to pack powerful vocals with full-fledged punk energy. She hopes that her personal experiences and struggles can help fans find truth in the battle of self vs. society. After signing to LA-based independent label Wayward Music in the fall of 2021, Jordan Michelle released her debut single “Tear Me Down” and has since issued “have a nice life,” “Kids In Love” and “Miss World,” amassing over 125K plays on Spotify and more than 100K followers on Instagram.
In addition to her growing music career, the New York-born and raised, now Los Angeles-based talent also founded a skincare and beauty line in 2021 called by Jordan Michelle. The music themed brand encourages having all the tools to fully express your truest self while living your best rockstar lifestyle.
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