Candlebox Conquered Sold Out Crowd At Jannus Live

February 27

In October of this year, it will mark the 25th anniversary of Candlebox’s sophomore album Lucy which was released on Maverick Records. The band took a ten year break between releasing Happy Pills in 1998 and Into the Sun in 2008 but Candlebox is slated to put out their newest album in May and we are all ready to hear new music from the band we’ve loved and listened to for almost thirty years.

As the roadies were putting the final touches on the stage, the loud chants of “CANDLEBOX” could probably be heard a couple blocks away. The show was sponsored by local rock station 98Rock and DJ’s AJ, Big Rig and Deuce made an appearance and introduced the band. After they walk off the stage the intro begins as it sounds like someone adjusting the radio during the early 90’s with bands like Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains and Soundgarden. Then the sound of David Letterman announcing “Guys, welcome back to the program Candlebox!”

For the first time in four years, Candlebox not only played new material but opened the show with it. The hard hitting track “Nothing Left To Loose” had a more modern heavy tone to it and if it is even a glimmer as to what the new album is going to sound like, it will be well worth the wait. This new song wasn’t the only first at this show. Singer Kevin Martin spotted a young fan with a sign on top of her dads shoulder and it read “This is my first show!” at which point he thanked her for making Candlebox her first show!

Half way through the show, Martin announces their second album Lucy turns 25 this year and wanted to play a couple songs off of it. Shortly into the album’s biggest single “Simple Lessons”, Kevin notices something going on in the crowd and stops the show. He asks a fans if they are ok and after the drunken culprit proves that he can’t behave the lead singer makes the announcement to get him out of the show. Hats off to him for making sure the fans who came to see the show enjoy themselves and keep their safety a priority.

A couple of songs later, Martin took the time to dedicate the song “Alive At Last” to a friend that he had learned passed away from an alcohol related death. The song speaks of finally finding peace after passing away, which in a lot of cases, we can only hope happens for those we love who spent so much time in pain in one way or another. After their dedication to a lost friend, Candlebox rebounds the mood by launching into one of the heavier tracks from their debut album with “Arrow”. It’s one of the few songs that hit even harder live than on the record.

Candlebox had a little surprise for the crowd of this packed show. Original guitar player Pete Klett joined the band onstage for the first time since his departure in two years. Kevin Martin introduces him to the crowd as “the good looking one” and the fans go nuts. Martin tells everyone that he will join them, kicking off his time on stage with Happy Pills acoustic track “It’s Alright”. Guitar player Brian Quinn jumped on acoustic for the acoustic ballad “” while Klett sat in.

After the band wrapped up that slot of the set, it was announced that Peter will stay on to jam on three more tracks, all of which are from their debut album, which I can pretty much guarantee no one complained about. Guitarist Brian Quinn starts off the acoustic ballad “Cover Me”. Klett picked up like it was 1993 all over again working the crowd while he solo’d the hell out of his Les Paul. As the last note still rings out, Kevin Martin says “Now check this shit out”.

Peter Klett lead the band into one of their biggest hits and the song everyone wants to sing along to, and that song is “You”. The applause could not have been any bigger than when those first few notes were played. You could feel this build up from the start of the song, getting heavier and heavier with every passing verse. And then the time had come for every single person at the show give it all they had for the climactic “FUCK YOU” verse back to the band as Kevin Martin gave his single finger que.

To conclude the epic festivities of the night, Candlebox close out the evening with their biggest commercial hit “Far Behind” and the ovation continues until after the band walks off stage . Once again, this band delivers a great rock show and the fans enjoyed every second of it. The anticipation of their new album grows as there is not much information available, but keep your eyes glued to the bands website for any info. Candlebox will be touring pretty steady through July including a spot on the Inkcarceration Festival in Mansfield, Ohio July 10th to 12th. For additional tour info, as well as ticket/VIP and merch, head to the bands site at