Electro-Industrial Band, State Of The Union Unveils “Purgatory”


August 14th, 2023 -Electro-Industrial band, State Of The Union has unveiled their latest single release, “Purgatory”.

“Purgatory” is a song that explores the topic of suicide. As human beings, we go through the “ups” and “downs”. Some of us have a harder time than others dealing with these emotions. Some of us can even get to the brink of suicide because we want to make it end as fast as we can.

In esoteric belief, a person who commits suicide disrupts their karmic flow and goes to a timeless place where one second could feel like a million years! This is very hard to comprehend within our own minds. To experience something like that, we have to have an out-of-body experience and travel to a very low-frequency dimension known as purgatory.

In some religions, purgatory is known as the place where spirits go to pay for their sins and burn karma before they move on to their next life experience. All in all, we will never know unless we go there. That’s why it is better to keep making powerful electronic music that makes club-goers dance their nights away to songs like “Purgatory.”

“Purgatory” is available on all major digital platforms including Bandcamp.

Check out the track HERE:

More about the song, “Purgatory”

Musically speaking, “Purgatory” starts out with a very far-away distant, dark, sinister, cold-blowing gritty trumpet that ends with a fade-out delay as if falling into the vowels of hell! If this wasn’t enough, then all instruments begin with a very powerful four-on-the-floor beat that incorporates a moving analog bass sound reminiscent of some of the iconic EBM bands from the 90s.

Johann Sebastian, the producer and lead singer of the band, delivers with his deep, dark, raspy, sinister voice; “demonic figures in my head, dragging me down… reality is out of sight, as I fall apart, deep in the dark…” – a haunting vocal line that inspires fear and transports you into the realm of the concept of the song, purgatory.

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