Steel Panther Bring The Glam, Hair and Heavy Metal To Plaza Live

October 12th

Just walking into the venue, you would think you just walked out of a time machine and right back into the 80’s. Fan where dressed in the spandex best with a lost of scarfs, makeup and extremely flammable hair styles. The band has just released their fifth studio album Heavy Metal Rules on the bands Steel Panther Inc label back on September 27th .

The albums first single is the party anthem”All I Wanna Do Is Fuck (Myself Tonight)”. The video which has The Hangover theme in full effect has everything from strippers including bassist Lexxi Foxx working the pole for those singles, russian roulette between drummer Stix and prop comic Carrot Top and Satchel attempting to steal the bride. And much like the video, their live show is just as eventful.

Steel Panther wasted no time bringing the heat. When the lights come on it’s right into “Eyes of the Panther” off Feel the Steel giving Satchel a chance to melt the faces off the fans with a ripping solo as Lexxi Foxx and Michael Star work the crowd. Just before they play their new single, guitarist Satchel takes the time to acknowledge the sign language interpreter.

As he shares the spotlight, he warns the crowd of the use of the words “Ass Fister” and “Boston Pancake” through the show, forcing her to make some very obscene yet comical hand gestures which to no surprise, was an on going theme all night.


Following the crowds crash course in urban dictionary sign language, singer Michael Starr is now sporting a white fedora with “HO” written on the side. That could only be an indicator that “Always Gonna Be A Hoe” would grace the ears of the those in attendance. This is yet another song of a lost love of Michael Starr who finds herself in Satchels arms… again.

Even with all the glitz, glam and metal seductiveness pouring from the stage, the band slowed things down and brought one young lady not only on stage, but to tears. You see, Steel Panther is about making fans dreams cum true, as memorable and as many times as possible.

Michael pulls up a chair for her at center stage and then has Stixx Zadinia come down from the kit to show off his chops on the keyboard. Soon, the serenade that is “Weenie Ride” takes hold of the fans as they sing and wave their arms back and forth in typical ballad fashion. Lexxi Foxx even came over with a mirror in hand to give her a chance to spruce up.

As the band made one fans dream come true, Steel Panther was about to drop a bomb on the crowd and bring up a guest vocalist on the classic tune “Community Property”. Michael Starr tells how “Were going to bring out the guy who got us resigned after our label dropped us.”

“This guy walked in and said hey, you better resign these guys because I’m Joey Fatone!”. And right before our eyes, Joey Fatone emerges from backstage. At this point you would have thought you were at a NSYNC concert by how the crowd (myself included) reacted as he stood there with mic in hand.


Fatone then hangs around when the band picks as many female fans as they can to join them up on stage for “17 Girls In A Row”. The song quickly turns into a grinding twerk session which at one point had one fan getting a Steel Panther sandwich between Starr and Satchel. By the end of the song, it’s a modern day miracle that nobody lost their clothes or got pregnant during their time on stage.

After the dust settles, the band are able to deliver “Party All Day (And Fuck All Night) and the headbanging anthem “Death To All But Metal”. As the lights go down and the band leaves the stage, the crowd begin their chants, not for “One more song”, but for one very specific song. And because Steel Panther are a band of the people, they grant the fans wish and return to play “Gloryhole”.


Steel Panther have been unique in every aspect of their career, but the live show that they put on is unlike anything I’ve ever seen at a rock/metal show. Over the hundreds of shows I have been to in my life, I have never seen a Hair Solo before which consisted of Michael Starr and Satchel surrounding Lexxi Foxx with small leaf blowers sending his hair flowing through the air. I mean who thinks of that?

If you have even the slightest doubt about buying a ticket for an upcoming show for one reason or another, I can’t stress to you enough. Get off your ass and get to the show! Don’t forget to pick up the bands new album Heavy Metal Rules which is also available through all major streaming services. For all merch, music and tour info, head over to Steel Panthers site at