The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Releases New Symphonic Version of Hit Song “Face Down”

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Releases New Symphonic Version of Hit Song “Face Down”

 with Stunning New Video to Follow October 28

Band Announces Partnership with Domestic Violence Non-Profit to Raise Awareness

and Highlight Important Resources

+ Live Shows

NEW YORK, NY – Billboard Charts-topping band The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus (RJA) released a new symphonic version of their RIAA certified 4x Platinum hit Face Down on all streaming platforms today (Friday, October 21st), with a new music video to follow on Friday, October 28th. Face Down (Symphonic Edition) is a stirring, emotional follow-up to the original hit, both timeless and scathing indictments of domestic violence and its devastating impacts. The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus is partnering with leading digital domestic violence resource,, throughout Domestic Violence Awareness Month and onward to raise awareness about domestic violence and share free resources for people experiencing abuse.

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The 2006 smash hit Face Down was written by RJA lead singer, Ronnie Winter, who witnessed firsthand the lifelong effects domestic violence has on abuse victims and their families. Since its initial release more than 15 years ago on the band’s RIAA certified Platinum debut album Don’t You Fake It (2006), Face Down has helped a countless number of domestic violence victims and survivors find their voices and work to escape abuse. Face Down has an enduring legacy of positive impact, with over 347 million streams on Spotify and over 120 million views of its original music video on YouTube alone. Fans of RJA and Face Down began an outpouring of support for the new Symphonic Edition on TikTok, with the announcement video generating more than 2.6 million views and thousands of comments in less than a week.

“Face Down is a song I’d play until I’m 96 years old because it’s based on the experience of my brother and I growing up with domestic violence. The number of people who’ve reached out to us since Face Down came out is staggering and it shows just how many people experience abuse,” said RJA’s front man, Ronnie Winters. “The Symphonic Edition focuses on the ‘new life she has found,’ which is also my family’s experience. So, it’s about healing and how it’s hard and messy, but it happens and it’s worth working towards.”


The partnership between The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and is designed to help lift the voices of survivors and increase awareness of resources available to victims of domestic violence and their families, friends and community. provides the largest searchable database of domestic violence shelters and programs in the U.S. and Canada, as well as one of the most extensive sources of educational content, such as comprehensive guides, videos and articles.


“Oftentimes the difference between a victim of abuse staying and leaving is as simple as knowing that abuse is wrong and that they don’t deserve it,” said Ashley Rumschlag, CEO and President of Theresa’s Fund, the 501(c)3 nonprofit that operates “Face Down has created that ‘change mindset’ for so many. When you combine that with access to the powerful information on, it’s a recipe for potentially lifesaving change in someone’s life.”


The band is celebrating the Anniversary of their Multi-Platinum debut album “Don’t You Fake It” (one of Alt Press Most Influential Emo Albums) and their 4x Platinum single “Face Down” (video / audio / lyrics), a timeless and scathing indictment of domestic violence. Warped tour kids grew up on RJA, (who are hailed by Alt Press as one of the most influential EMO bands), and now the next generation of their fans are discovering “Face Down,” which RJA has taken to the next level with this modern and reimagined version of this dramatic and emotive song that hasn’t lost its potency on shedding a light on domestic violence.

About The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus:


The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus is an American rock band formed in 2003, whose members include Ronnie Winter, his brother Randy Winter, Joey Westwood, Josh Burke and Jon Espy. Over their years as a band, RJA has amassed over 1 billion streams across platforms, achieved numerous Multi-Platinum, Platinum and Gold albums and singles, numerous Billboard #1’s and Top 10 radio singles, was named one of Alt Press Most Influential Emo Bands of All Time, was honored on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, and has been featured on major motion picture soundtracks, among many other achievements. The band actively tours, with upcoming dates that include all three dates of the When We Were Young festival this October in Las Vegas.

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The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

at  When We Were Young 2022

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October 22, October 23 and October 29

with Taking Back Sunday/My Chemical Romance/AFI/The All-American Rejects/Avril Lavigne/Jimmy Eat World and more .

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Live at the Garden Amp

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Supporting Hawthorne Heights and Escape The Fate

A few things on deck for RJA:


The band is touring nonstop including playing numerous festivals such as the three day When We Were Young festival with My Chemical Romance and others.


Continued recent viral social success including videos with 4M TikTok views,  YouTube and more.


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About is a service of Theresa’s Fund, an Arizona-based 501(c)3 non-profit charity started in 1992 by Preston V. McMurry, Jr. Launched In 2014, provides the first and most extensive searchable digital database of domestic violence programs and shelters in the U.S. and Canada, as well as one of the largest sources of resources, tools and information for people experiencing and working to end domestic violence. is also the host of the Purple Ribbon Awards, the first comprehensive awards program honoring the countless heroes of the domestic violence movement.

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