Knocked Loose Kicks The Doors Off Of Hard Rock Live Orlando

For 8 years the Kentucky based hardcore band have decimated stages, venues and any obstacles in their path around the world.  Knocked Loose has paved their way to being one of the most anticipated and sought after acts around.  It didn’t take long before they would share the stage with heavy hitting acts like Parkway Drive, Beartooth, A Day To Remember among a laundry list of others.  They have been a staple on every major North American festival this season and always have fans rushing to catch their merciless sets.  This fall would take them across the country with Alien Weaponry and French metal juggernauts Gojira making sure no audience would be safe!

In a completely black room the defining chants of “KNOCKED LOOSE” could probably be heard outside as people walked around Universal Studios.  But as fans catch a glimpse of the band making their way to the stage those chants quickly turn to cheers.  Wasting no time, drummer Kevin ‘Pacsun’ Kaine counts the band in and the 7 string assault begins as Knocked Loose tee up with Where the Light Divides the Holler.  The first track off their new EP A Tear In The Fabric Of Life would set the tone for not only the record itself but the entire show.

As soon as singer Bryan Garris walks to the front of the stage, his energetic presence could be felt immediately.  Once he gets the mic to stand out of the way it clears the path for him to own the stage as he goes side to side as he instigates the madness in front of him.  Through all of the insanity fueled riffage and after a few words of encouragement about making the pits bigger,  guitarist Isaac Hale parks up at his mic and when the song implements a 3 second break he launches back with “GO” and you could see the entire floor erupt into mayhem.

The momentum would surge right into the second song of the night and one that fans would know all too well.  Trapped in the Grasp of a Memory is just under 4 minutes of audio brutality that sets a bar for how breakdowns are constructed and executed.  You could see the fans physically preparing as each one began to build until they dropped like a bomb.  I don’t think you could really have much more of a response from the crowd two songs into a set like this but these are the kinds of things that Knocked Loose is known for.

Bryan Garris engages with the fans, asking them “Raise your hand if this is your very first time seeing Knocked Loose” and to my surprise there were a decent amount of first timers.  Garris then lets them in on a little piece of info “If there is one thing, and one thing only that you need to know about Knocked Loose.  Is that we fucking LOVE playing breakdowns”.  And truer words have probably never been spoken.  Deadringer would certainly back up Bryan’s statement as wave after wave of crushing guitar parts combined with chest pounding percussive rhythms prohibited a single person from standing still.

One of the oldest songs of the set would All of My Friends off the band’s 2014 EP Pop Culture.  When announced, the crowd’s excitement was more than obvious.  As soon as Garris began to sing, the overwhelming sound of a packed crowd singing along really got the blood moving.  The hard hitting and fast paced two step beat had fans all across the floor dancing until it was time to open the pit up for all of those swinging fists and feet.  Fans really stepped up the gang vocals during the “ALL MY FRIENDS ARE DEAD” verse before the hammer fell on the song’s final breakdown.

Contorted in the Faille would be the second offering from Knocked Loose’s new EP.  The song’s build up is fueled by the increased tempo and the fans’ energetic clapping.  Just as I reach the upper seating area and look down at the sea of people, Bryan Garris yells out “EVERYBODY DANCE”.  And just like that, the floor of a music venue turned into a flat twister that moved its way across the entire room.  I have no doubt that even the guys behind the soundboard thought they would inadvertently be part of the chaos.

Fans wouldn’t have a chance to catch their breath as the band launched into one of their most devastating sonnets Mistakes Like Fractures.  As soon as everyone hears it cheers and fists in the air could be seen and heard throughout the entire room.  People began to float across the crowd to the barricade in waves while those who chose to stay either stayed in the circled areas of insanity or jumped in place.  Even the people along the barricade were head banging viciously along as Knocked Loose chugged away leaving virtually no area motionless.  And to use up every last second of set time, the band would close out the evening with the short but in your face Counting Worms.


This show was a perfect example of why Knocked Loose deserves to be on the high exposure festivals and tours.  They bring a level of brutality and intensity that metal and hardcore fans crave and their solid relationship with their fans has all but cemented their future in the industry.  For only being out there a relatively short amount of time, Knocked Loose has really solidified themselves as one of the premier rising bands.  Knocked Loose will continue on tour with Alien Weaponry and Gojira until October 29th in Cleveland, OH so make sure you get your tickets so you don’t miss out on this incredible tour.  Make sure you stop by Knocked Loose to grab your copy of A Tear in the Fabric of Life as well as their other records and merch!