True Crime-Inspired Duo SKYND Release “Michelle Carter”


Industrial-tinged and true crime-inspired electronic duo SKYND have revealed their new single “Michelle Carter.”

Watch the video here.

SKYND is the dark creative outlet and the alter ego of its lead singer, Skynd, and producer and multi-instrumentalist Father. Skynd released Chapter I in 2018, followed by Chapter II in 2019. Now, with over 18 million hits on YouTube, “Michelle Carter” marks the second single in Chapter III, following 2020’s “Columbine.”

Chapter III will continue their exploration of the darkest and most disturbing parts of the human psyche following their belief that “those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” SKYND are known for taking inspiration from inexplicable and brutal criminal cases and the mystery surrounding unsolved deaths and transforming them into songs to remind us of the darkness within the human psyche.

“This is unlike any of the other cases I have focused on,” says Skynd. “Crime has changed since the advent of smartphones. This is a very modern true crime case, the fact that there is a written record of everything that they wrote each other. This really helped me in the research phase, as I was able to use their actual words, because they were available to me. The quote, ‘Sometimes things happen, and we never have the answer why’ — this really stuck with me, because I still don’t understand, and I’m not sure that anyone definitively does.”

About the video, Skynd explains, “The thought was to take this different kind of song, and make a different kind of video. It made sense to make this our first lyric video since this lends well to the case, due to the text messages as the focus. But we couldn’t simply make a lyric video. We had to do something special. We decided to go with light based on how Michelle Carter portrayed herself in court, relying on innocence and florals. White seems innocent, but if you have one bloodstain on a white surface, you can’t hide it.”

Video director Luzian Schlatter adds, “Once you are aware that the lyrics of this song are an arrangement of the actual text messages from the Michelle Carter case, this music video gains its level of depth.”

We all conceal something behind the earthly façade we show to the world. Maybe it’s an unspoken fetish. Perhaps it’s a covetous urge. Or it could just be the kind of darkness we acknowledge in passing—but don’t dare reference out loud. SKYND peel back those layers and uncover what lurks beneath in all of its painful glory. The industrialized gothic electronic duo — Skynd [lead vocals] and “Father” [producer, multi-instrumentalist] — exorcize beauty by bloodletting as they mine some of history’s most baffling, bizarre, and brutal crimes across their EPs.