HORSEWHIP: Florida Hardcore/Crust Outfit With Members Of Reversal Of Man, Combatwoundedveteran, And More To Release Laid To Waste LP Via Roman Numeral Records And Financial Ruin

photo by Ale Gasso
See the teaser for HORSEWHIP’s Laid To Waste HERE.
Rooted deeply in the early 1990s scene and made up of members from Reversal Of Man, Early Grace, Combatwoundedveteran, Order of Importance, Sutek Conspiracy, amongst others, abrasive beating conjoined with immersive soundscapes have been the central building blocks of HORSEWHIP‘s essence ever since the release of their eponymous 2018 debut album. With their sound refined and cultivated to its most striking state, HORSEWHIP delivers their new LP Laid To Waste, to be released through Roman Numeral Records and Financial Ruin.
The Floridian quartet flourishes through the unison of discordant hardcore and savage crust punk with additional flavors from here and there thrown in for good measure, all coming seamlessly together through a metallic stance and a crystal clear but characteristic production. Laid To Waste is a product of nearly three decades worth of relentless work and dedication from the individuals forming together the auditory assault machine that is HORSEWHIP. The eleven tracks on Laid To Waste clock in just shy of twenty-seven minutes, rampaging forward drenched in discordance and gripping tones, leaving absolutely no room for aimless wandering or futile meandering. Laid To Waste is entirely forged out of fluent and vital matter, and an archetype of uncompromising content met with unyielding attitude. On the album, HORSEWHIP thrives through engaging and heartfelt atmospheres encasing all the mentioned leanings and more.
See a brief teaser for HORSEWHIP’s Laid To Waste RIGHT HERE.


Laid To Waste was recorded at Rock Garden Studio, engineered by Jeremy SH Griffith, produced by Jeremy SH Griffith and Horsewhip, mixed by Jeremy SH Griffith at Printups Studio, and mastered by Jack Shirley at Atomic Garden Studio. The record is completed with photography by Adam Lowe and design by Shaun Drees.
There is something primal and beckoning to be found on Laid To Waste, and the ominous title is without a doubt synonymous to the condition you’ll find yourself in after getting absorbed into its choleric but accessible, sonic vortex.
Laid To Waste will see a cooperative release through Roman Numeral Records and Financial Ruin on September 25th. Watch for full audio samples, videos, preorders, and more to post in the weeks ahead.
Laid To Waste Track Listing:
1. Stillborn
2. Feast
3. Inertia Waits
4. Ruin
5. Pray For The Dead
6. Charnel House
7. Closure
8. Remission
9. Holy Lies
10. Lowlands
11. When It Comes
Alex Bond – drums
Shaun Drees – guitar, vocals
Mike Grantham – vocals
Jeff Howe – bass
Review copies of Laid To Waste will be issued in the coming days. For all coverage of HORSEWHIP worldwide contact