Iress Share New Single “Nest” with Post-Punk; New Album Flaw Out September 18

Iress Share New Single “Nest” with Post-Punk
New Album Flaw Out September 18 
photo credit: David Fearn  
Stream: “Nest” at Post-Punk or Soundcloud
Stream: “Underneath” at CVLT Nation or Spotify
On September 18, Los Angeles-based band Iress will release their much anticipated sophomore album Flaw (pre-order). Today the band revealed “Nest” the latest single to be lifted from the upcoming release. The track premiered at Post-Punk and will be available to share on Thursday on all streaming platforms. About the song Post-Punk says, “The song is a lush, rich, and oceanic wave of chorus, reverb, and distortion with cathedral-like vocals that reverberate with a feverish intensity. These deep emotions resonate throughout this doom-laden anthem weaving a sound that fuses together the best of both 80s dark metal ballads with early 90s shoegaze.” The band adds, “‘Nest’ is for the outsider and the misunderstood; it’s about finding someone or something that looks into you and understands, without a word, the comfort you find in emptiness together.”
Last month, CVLT Nation premiered “Underneath” from forthcoming release and the song is available now on all streaming platforms to add to your favorite playlists. CVLT Nation describes “Underneath,” “as “magical, devastatingly beautiful doomgaze that perfectly blends feminine strength with masculine power.” About the song Iress’ Alex Moreno and Michelle Malley explain, “‘Underneath’ is about the desire to give into self destructive patterns to feel numb, falling headfirst into that dark place that can be both scary and comforting. ‘So inviting, I dive, blue and bent,’ I imagine walking slowly into the sea and letting it engulf me.”
Iress makes the kind of music that submerges you into another world. Heavy. Dark. Electric. Doom-gaze guitars are layered over ethereal vocals that distort into anguished screams, accented by cinematic drums and dancing bass lines. Iress has built themselves into a commanding machine of sound, steadily gaining steam and momentum. Their powerful live performances and raw talent have caught on like wildfire, with their heavy, melancholic sound and cathedral like vocals, which have landed them opening spots for high-caliber acts such as BrutusSlothrust and Sunflower Bean.

Recorded and produced by Sarah Tudzin (Illuminati Hotties), mixed by Collin Pastore, and mastered by Jett GalindoFlaw was recorded at the Sunset House at Sunset Sound, Sonora Recorders, and the Snack Shack in Highland Park. The album’s first single, “Shamed” was described by DestroyExist as “Implementing elements of shoegaze to the band’s already compelling, heavy sound, and reliant on intricate instrumentals, detailed production and a crystal clear vocal delivery, ‘Shamed’ is not a typical piece for doom metal. Instead it benefits from the mixture of its overall dejected concept and genre fusing qualities to come out as something ethereal and esoteric, if not cutting edge.”

Flaw Track List
1. Shamed
2. Nest
3. Underneath
4. Dark Love
5. Shallow
6. Thieves
7. Wolves
8. Hand Tremor
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