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The DreadMusicReview is a collective of music aficionados dedicated to bring to you exclusive photos, reviews, interviews, shenanigans and band information. We are a very eclectic group of like minded individuals, with different tastes in music. The point isn’t to preach one genre of music is better than the other; its more like all music is worth hearing and sharing.
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If you are a part of a band that would like to be featured, or are a music fan that would like to see a band featured on the DreadMusicReview, feel free to send an email to mrdread@dreadmusicreview.comSubmission Policy:

The DreadMusicReview welcomes all *music related* original content submissions, press releases, band photos, and reviews.
We post news, original interviews, photos, press releases, and Artist Bios on our site.

For consideration to be posted: All items sent must be original content, or approved for re-publication by the original content owner.

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All original photos used are owned by their respective photographers, and licensed by the DreadMusicreview for one time website use. Photography submissions are welcome, but we generally send our photographers on assignments.  For concert photography consideration in your city/state, please send a link to your portfolio to daniel.gallegos@dreadmusicreview.com

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If you received an email from someone claiming to represent the DreadMusicReview,  they will have an official @Dreadmusicreview.com email address. If  for some reason they do not, they will have a special link declaring their current assignment with a CC to a DMR editor. Please use due diligence to ensure official DreadMusicReview correspondence is official. We strive to ensure all press requests are legitimate, however sometimes rogue photographers and writers make claims that they write for us when they are not part of our official family. Thank you for understanding and helping keep the DMR  officially the most awesome online publication available!