New York Rapper and Golden Gloves Boxer Paul Rello Releases His Music Video For Third Single “Glory”

New York Rapper and Golden Gloves Boxer Paul Rello Releases His Music Video For Third Single “Glory” 

Set To Release Debut Project In 2023

“Paul Rello made a pretty splashy debut, with his single, “War.”… and he is already making a lot of noise.”
– Hip-HopVibe 


New York, NY – (December 16, 2022) – New York rapper and Golden Gloves Boxer Paul Rello released the music video for his third single “Glory” today following an exclusive premiere yesterday with Hip Hop Revival. This new music video was produced by Jon Vulpine of Glass Dagger Film Co who previously worked on music videos for artists like Lil Wayne, Sean Kingston, Soulja Boy, Trina, Backstreet Boys and more and follows the success of the music video for Paul’s previous single  “Ain’t That The Truth” that was filmed by Tana from Street Heat TV who has previously directed music videos for Lil’ Wayne, Migos, Jadakiss and more! This new music video follows the success of Paul’s debut single “War” that exclusively premiered with and his second single “Ain’t That The Truth” that premiered with  HipHop-Vibe.  Now Paul has followed up with third single “Glory” in the buildup to his forthcoming debut project set for release in 2023.  For his debut single “War” Paul focused on the struggles he has faced throughout his life and how he has had to fight for what he has, while his second single “Ain’t That The Truth” continues on the story of Paul’s life on how he’s happy with his current accomplishments, but still always continues to take steps to grow. Summing up this story on the music video for “Glory” Paul tells his story of how he has come to be the man he is today, from a conflicted young man that finds himself fighting and constantly getting in trouble to a focused and determined man who has his sights set on not only winning his next Golden Gloves fight in 2023 but also his quickly growing music career. Life hasn’t always been easy for Paul, but he has always found creative outlets for his struggles. Having established himself in the amateur boxing world in New York, Paul has shifted his focus back to music with the same intensity and drive that he has brought to boxing over the years. It’s important to note that though music is now his first priority, Rello is definitely not done with his boxing career and is already in training his return to the Golden Gloves in 2023. With that in mind Paul’s latest single “Glory” is not only a testament to his perseverance and strength but also to continue persistence and focus to fight for his success.

When asked about the release of his new music video for “Glory”, Paul said, “The whole process of shooting Glory was such a humbling experience. We worked consistently for 4 days straight. I reached out to friends and family and anyone that I could to help me secure the locations and actors for this production. I’m very grateful to have such a reliable community of people I can depend on. The video was produced by Jon Vulpine of Glass Dagger Film Co. & the record was produced by Michael Prochilo & Kevin Pabon. Working with these guys put a lot of things into perspective for me. I’ve raised my standards for myself and the people around me after experiencing this level of professionalism. Their style, experience, organization, work ethic, and efficiency are all things that I’ve aspired to when it comes to the business side of music. Defined by its title, Glory reveals what a person consciously attains after overcoming a self-destructive lifestyle.”

Growing up in New York in a home where police visits were common, Paul would retreat into his room and channel his emotions onto paper, unknowingly starting his musical journey. Influenced by his parents’ taste in music, Paul grew to appreciate artists such as Marvin Gaye, The Temptations, The Four Tops, Frankie Valli, and Stevie Wonder. He was introduced to boxing at the age of 15, however Paul found himself torn between his aspirations and getting caught up in a troubled lifestyle. During his high school years, hanging with the wrong crowd and making poor decisions landed him behind bars on several occasions. Shortly after, he got kicked out of his house, and found himself homeless, sleeping in his car. The following year, he landed an apprenticeship with Local 731, a laborers union based out of Astoria, NY giving him a sense of structure and stability. Paul spent the next 4 years working and fighting his legal battles until he got off probation at the age of 22. Looking to change his life around, he fully dedicated himself to boxing which provided direction and challenged him to become disciplined, committed, and diligent. During this transitional period, Paul fought in 9 USA boxing-certified amateur bouts and entered into the prominent New York Daily News Golden Gloves. Winning his first match in the competition. Paul fought in the Golden Gloves two more times before turning his sights back to music. Now, at age 31, Paul is ready to show the world what determination looks like and just how sweet it sounds. While preparing to compete again, Paul has worked with award-winning producers and engineers. His sound has become more polished as he continues to mature as an aspiring artist. His third single “Glory” demonstrates his versatility and his readiness to make an impact in the world of Hip Hop. Stay tuned to Paul Rello’s socials below for more updates on future releases from this up n coming rapper as well as updates on his upcoming return to the Golden Gloves in 2023.For More Information on Paul Rello:  

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