Industrial Band Silence Embrace Drops The Dystopian Cyberpunk EP, ‘Meta Queer Dolls’


October 19, 2022 – Ohio-based industrial band, Silence Embrace has just dropped their new EP, Meta Queer Dolls. Cyberpunk soundscapes for a dystopian future. That’s Meta Queer Dolls.

Dead hardware, obsolete programs & formats (VHS) summarize the album’s themes. Even the cover is based on dead media and video games.

Individual tracks, however have stories of their own. “The House Awaits” is a darkwave trance track that takes inspiration from pop culture characters. The album outro, “Pandemic” is an instrumental witch-house track that starts with haunting chants, thick soundscapes and summarizes the journey taken throughout the ep.”

Meta Queer Dolls is available NOW on digital platforms including Bandcamp

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