Angel Vivaldi Celebrates Release of Highly Anticipated EP ‘Away With Words Pt 2’ with Fiercely Fabulous Drag Alter-Ego NOVAGina in New Music Video for Single “Nine”


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Friday, April 7th, 2023- Guitar virtuoso and LGBT+ Rock Icon, Angel Vivaldi, has released released his highly anticipated EP ‘Away With Words Pt 2 ‘ today. To celebrate the long-awaited follow up to 2014 masterpiece, “Away With Words Pt 1”, Angel has enlisted the services of his fiercely fabulous drag alter-ego, NOVAGina for her first ever music video performance for new single “Nine”. Stream the new album, including “Nine” HERE and watch the incredible new video HERE or by clicking the image below.

Much like its predecessors, “Eight” and “Six”, the new track is yet another example of the mind-blowing diversity of Angel Vivaldi’s talent. No two tracks on ‘Away With Words Pt. 2’ are the same, with each track exhibiting yet another completely different facet of Angel’s playing, each completely different to the heavier rock output he has become so well known for. The dazzling musical opus takes the listener on a journey through latin/urban roots, elegant acoustic rock and outrageous funk-driven grooves and further cements him as one of the most talented and versatile guitarists in the world.

Speaking on his latest release, Angel shares

“Music should be fun, inspiring and rebellious. Sacrificing my integrity as an artist, especially to appease what is safe, isn’t an option. I’ll forever go through great lengths to honor a concept or idea because that’s the responsibility given to every artist who chooses to write music. How my music is perceived is none of my business, but how much of myself I devote to everything I do is. Whether it’s a song, a video production, a drag persona or being the best human I can be, I make sure to do it authentically and mindfully. I couldn’t be happier with Away With Words, Part 2 or the video for “Nine.”

WATCH: Official Music Video For ‘Nine’

‘Away With Words: Part 2” is out today. Part 1 (2014) consisted of heavier yet melodic rock and metal while the newly announced Part 2 explores a wide range of genres including funk, latin, classical and acoustic. The concept is based on the yin/yang of what we are capable of – that we are more than just the one thing people see us as. Pre-orders for the upcoming release launched today and are available HERE.
Elaborating on his feelings about his upcoming EP, Angel continues,

“Few words can describe what it feels like to finally share the full scope of this concept record 9 years after I started it. While the seeds I initially planted took longer to bear fruit, I’m grateful it took this long as it helped to make the grapes that much sweeter. Part 2 is an unexpected musical journey that has something on it for any lover of music.”


Away With Words (Part 2)








Across his five solo releases, Angel Vivaldi’s blend of spell-binding guitar anthems and tasteful yet virtuosic playing have reached and inspired tens of millions. Vivaldi, starting his independent solo career in 2003, joined forces with the newly reformed 40 Below Summer in 2008. He continued to release multiple solo albums including The Speed of Dark (2009) and the critically acclaimed Universal Language in 2010, which has become a staple in today’s modern instrumental album catalogue. In 2012, Vivaldi joined supergroup Vext featuring Tommy Vext (ex-Bad Wolves) as well as members from Mutiny Within. After the loss of his best friend to ALS in 2014, not long after the crowd-funded release of Away With Words Part 1, Angel realized that the only thing worse than living with regret would be to die with it. So in 2015, putting his confidence and trust in his audience, Vivaldi quit his day job, committing himself fulltime to his career in music and touring.

Since beginning to headline national US and European tours in 2015, he has shared the stage with icons such as Yngwie Malmsteen, Andy James (Five Finger Death Punch), Nita Strauss, Gus G (Ozzy Osbourne) as well as modern titans such as Plini, Intervals and Devin Townsend. His last full-length album, Synapse (2017), is a conceptual opus that immerses listeners with an introspective sonic adventure coupled with stunning visuals massing millions of views. Vivaldi’s commitment to his art is total; during the recording process, he painted and repainted his studio to correspond with the mood of each song. Tracks like “Adrenaline,” “Oxytocin,” “Dopamine,” “Endorphin,” and “Serotonin” musically elicit the exact type of emotions implied by connotation. Later that same year, he launched his annual Guitar Collective tour which has featured artists such as Nita Strauss, Scale the Summit, Andy James, Yvette Young and more.

2019 saw the debut of Angel’s signature guitar, the Charvel Nova. The line continues to expand with multiple models, including both 6 and 7 strings versions. He’s since appeared on numerous records with the likes of Marty Freidman, Nuno Bettencourt, Alex Skolnick (Testament) and Jeff Loomis (Arch Enemy). He continues to operate as a self-managed, independent artist.

Angel Vivaldi takes the foundation laid down by the icons of heavy guitar and builds upon it with his unique speed, sophistication, futurism, and ambition. The result is a body of work that’s increasingly immersive and sublime, maximizing modern technology and raw instinct to expand the boundaries of instrumental rock. Angel has racked up over 40 million YouTube views and 70 million streams across his solo catalogue and has appeared on records with Marty Freidman, Nuno Bettencourt, Alex Skolnick (Testament) and Jeff Loomis (Arch Enemy).

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