Lamb Of God Decimated The Showare Center in Kent, WA


On the heels of the release of their 9th studio album Lamb of God brought Omens Tour to the Acceso Showare Center in Kent. Also on the stage this night and sharing this leg of the tour was Fit For An Autopsy, Spiritbox, and Killswitch Engage. Though the turnout to the show was not what the bands expected, the bands still performed as thought the venue was sold out. Giving every fan who did come out a brain rattling show from start to finish.

Kicking off this night of thrashing was Fit For An Autopsy. With a metal shredding sound, they brought everything you could want and need to kick off an amazing night. Shredding riffs, bass lines that would rattle your soul, and the start of a killer circle pit.

Following in their smoking foot prints were the Vancouver BC’s natives Spiritbox. This trio led by the incomparable Courtney Laplante was the kick into second gear that this show needed. Laplante’s ability to have killer cookie monster style of screaming while also having the most angelic voice is like no other. Her commanding performance on stage blended with her almost kindred interaction with the audience spoke a lot of the band. The band sound as a whole is heavy, sweeping, and thought provoking all in the same breath. Truly a band if you have not seen or heard… you need to. NOW!

Next on the line up was Killswitch Engage. You could see the people who came out for this portion of the show. With the crowd pulsating waiting on the arrival of the band, they came out on stage and kicked off a killer set. Though with the stage being dimly lit, it was hard to see anything going on on the stage, but the music was pumping through just fine. Putting the circle pit into drive once again. Pushing the night right into 3rd gear.

As expected headliners Lamb of God brought it all and left it all on the stage, with a performance that did not disappoint. But then again, do they ever disappoint? With the Lamb Of God curtain hanging from the top, the stage lights came up and the house lights off. A silhouette of front man Randy Blythe could be seen center stage as they kicked off their set with “Memento Mori” off their self titled 2020 album. And in the blink of an eye, the curtain dropped, Randy was screaming “WAKE UP!” This kicked off the fans who paid their hard earned money to see this show into an almost frenzy like state. Making it difficult for any person in the crowd to not get caught up in the mayhem of the pit and the general reaction by the crowd. Playing several songs off their latest album, the intertwined that majestically with several songs from their entire discography. The set was a great performance of fire… lots of fire and lights blended seamlessly with the music.

All in all, it was an incredible night of music for all of the metal fans in attendance.