Industrial Band IMPULSE CONTROL DISORDER Is Resurrected With New Album, ‘Retroject’


December  16, 2021 – South Carolina-based industrial project IMPULSE CONTROL DISORDER has just unleashed their first full-length album, Retroject. 

Retroject is an album that was begun in 2001 but has just seen the light of day in 2021. Some of the songs may feel nostalgic and dated and that is because, well, they are!!! An excess of free time during the Covid-19 pandemic eventually grew tiresome and monotonous. So, it was decided to finish the album that had begun many years prior!

The songs cover personal battles with self doubt, lost love, rejection, coping with the hellscape of the modern world and ghost stories.

Retroject does not adhere to any one genre. Howeverit does maintain a cohesiveness that was spawned from the feelings and fantasies that run through the mind of a person ill-equipped to deal with “normal” life. That same mind nonetheless, has found a way to cope and function while internally slipping into lunacy.

An EP and three singles were released between 2020 and 2021.

Retroject is available NOW on CD and digital formats via Bandcamp.