Hopsin Makes Much-Anticipated Return With “Your House”



One of the preeminent independent artists of this generation touted by everyone from Eminem to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and streamed 1 billion-plus times, HOPSIN returns with a brand new single entitled “Your House.” It’s available here via his own label Undercover Prodigy.

Watch the video here.

The gold-selling Los Angeles rapper, producer, director, and actor opens up like never before on his latest track. Over incisive production, he depicts some of the darkest moments of his upbringing in poetic and powerful fashion, weaving together captivating bars with a hypnotic hook. Admitting he’d rather retreat to a friend’s home than stay at home, he details the turbulence of his childhood and violence in his house and its ultimate impact on his personality.

After a transformative journey around the world, living abroad in Thailand, and reaching a new sense of understanding, it represents growth for the multi-hyphenate as both an artist and an individual.

About this next chapter, he comments, “I’m talking about my life from being a minor until now. I’m discussing how childhood affected me and my future relationships. I felt a void, so I watched TV shows and hoped I could have a family like the families I saw laughing, joking, and happy on-screen. It goes into me speaking on how I became Hopsin and chose to be that version when I first came out. I’m letting everyone know who’s behind this hurt boy. You’re still going to get those crazy raps even if I am healed. It’s not like I became a church pastor!”

Continuing a tireless grind as one of independent music’s most inspired, impactful, and influential voices, Hopsin continually levels up his signature lyrical mastery. In 2007, the Los Angeles spitter, producer, director, editor, actor, and Undercover Prodigy founder first made his presence known with no-holds barred lyricism, razor sharp rhymes, and fearless creativity. Posting up over 1 billion streams and views outside of the system, he infiltrated the mainstream on his own terms with three gold-certified singles to date, namely “Sag My Pants,” Ill Mind of Hopsin 5,” and “Ill Mind of Hopsin 8.” After attracting a faithful following with Raw [2010] and Knock Madness [2013], he crashed the Billboard Top 200 at #17 with Pound Syndrome in 2015. Most recently, 2017’s No Shame moved 15,000 copies first-week and emerged as his second straight Top 20 entry on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums Chart. Beyond selling out shows on multiple continents, he appeared on the cover of XXL as a “Freshman” and garnered plugs courtesy of ComplexRolling StoneThe SourceVibe, and Huffington Post, who profiled him as “The Real Best Rapper Alive. Not to mention, Eminem cited him among “the Logics, the Coles, the Seans, the K-Dots, the 5’9″s” on “Fall” from 2018’s Kamikaze. After a series of transformative experiences, the rapper born Marcus Jamal Hopson paints the realest and rawest depiction of himself in 2021 with new single “Your House.”