EXPANDER: “Megacorp” By Austin Thrash Faction Now Playing; Neuropunk Boostergang LP Nears August Release Through Profound Lore

photo by Sean Blackall
Stream EXPANDER’s “Megacorp” HERE.
“Megacorp” is the capitalist-decapitating new single from Austin, Texas thrash marauders EXPANDER. The track is a warning shot fired from their incoming second album, Neuropunk Boostergang, nearing August release through Profound Lore.
Neuropunk Boostergang marks EXPANDER‘s return to GodCity Studio (Converge, Old Man Gloom, Full Of Hell), again utilizing the state-of-the-art studio to capture every nuance of the raw energy contained within these potent audio capsules. The result is a glimpse into a barbarous future where traditional riffs get flipped on their head, anti-gravity rhythms pull you in different directions and supernatural voices jack-in to your skull to command attention. The album was recorded by Kurt Ballou, mastered by Joel Grind (Toxic Holocaust), and completed with cover art by Luca Carey.
EXPANDER declares with the “Megacorp” unveiling, “The future where Earth-society is ruled by powerful, multinational corporations is here. Using their advanced data-mining networks and extended lifeblood contracts, the titans of industry have nearly completed their ultimate power play: dehumanize and reduce the workforce to pure energy commodities for maximum value extraction. EXPANDER attacks with old-school guerrilla tactics to erase the vile ManageHand software, dismantle all infonests, and disperse the power back to the citizenry!
Unload EXPANDER’s “Megacorp” at all digital providers including YouTube RIGHT HERE.
Profound Lore will dispatch Neuropunk Boostergang on CD, LP, and digital on August 21st. Find preorders at the North American label webshop HERE, the Euro webshop HERE, and Bandcamp HERE.
EXPANDER has subverted traditional band trajectories to receive global recognition of their unique brand of futuristic metalpunk since forming in 2014. With their second full-length album, Neuropunk Boostergang, the group aggressively channels the anxieties foisted on us from oppressive systems using every weapon at their disposal: pummeling rhythms, transcendent melodies and wild vocal deliveries that keep listeners on guard for whatever might come crawling from the wastes next.
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