Powerhouse Rock Singer ‘JanaeSound’ Shares New Single “Feared” Following Successful Juneteenth! Event

JanaeSound is a powerhouse rock singer that hails from St. Louis where she began cultivating her love for music at the tender age of 9 through the Opera Theatre of St. Louis. Currently based in Portland, Maine, JanaeSound is known for producing BeyDay, the most diverse showcase in Maine, which is the nation’s least diverse state. BeyDay featured 38 people of color, 33 women of color and 31 Black/African artists.
She most recently produced and curated a showcase of Black artists called Juneteenth! which was pre-recorded live at the empty State Theatre to raise money for local organizations that empower Portland’s Black Community. The project was beautifully executed from pitch to livestream in nine days during a pandemic. The technical marvel included a performance by JanaeSound accompanied by a live guitarist and social distant choir via video link . A partnership with Edovo made the concert available to incarcerated folks in 150 facilities nationwide. The livestream raised over $10,000 for Indigo Arts Alliance and Black Owned Maine, and was viewed more than 10k times, making huge waves as Portland, Maine has a population of >60k people. You can check out the live stream here:  



Currently, we are celebrating the release of her new single “Feared”, which premiered during Juneteenth!, in which she encourages listeners to acknowledge and release their fear so they may find joy and walk in their purpose. In this upbeat and uplifting pop/rock banger, JanaeSound gives an outstanding vocal performance. Singing across a dynamic vocal range, JanaeSound starts in a soft and steady voice, personifying and having a conversation with her fear.

“What if, What if…”, Fear whispers, begging JanaeSound to give up on her dreams.
“What if they tear us down?!” Fear shouts.
JanaeSound responds, “Fear, I know you want to keep me safe. I know you want me in my place. Even if this dream is a wild chase… I’ll only get what’s mine if I face my Fear.”

JanaeSound calls out a powerful message to her listeners. In a time of so much uncertainty, she encourages us to acknowledge and then conquer our fear, so we may boldly follow our dreams and find our happiness.

Check out “Feared” here: https://spoti.fi/2ABSho8