Watch Yoshiki’s Interview On BBC News’ “Outside Source”

Photo L-R: BBC News anchor Kasia Madera and YOSHIKI.
YOSHIKI recently appeared on BBC News for a live interview with anchor Kasia Madera about staying safe at home during the coronavirus pandemic. Watch YOSHIKI’s interview on BBC News below:
YOSHIKI was interviewed from his home in Los Angeles about keeping a positive mindset as an artist during uncertain times and collaborating with Bono,, and Jennifer Hudson to create the hopeful new song “#SING4LIFE”; listen to SING4LIFE here:
The composer, drummer, and pianist recently donated $100,000 to draw attention to the COVID-19 Relief Fund from MUSICARES (the charitable foundation of The Recording Academy/GRAMMYS), which provides immediate help to musicians, crews, and production professionals whose work has been affected by COVID-19. Read the story on here:
The BBC interview was broadcast worldwide to an audience of over 100 million viewers, and YOSHIKI emphasized “physical distancing” over “social distancing”, saying “We are not completely alone. We can still connect. We can share our thoughts and our hearts.”
YOSHIKI has been active daily on social media to stay in touch with his fans. “My fans are the most important to me, maybe even more than my life, because my life was surrounded by death. My father committed suicide, my band members died, but my fans are the ones who saved me. So I really want to support them.”
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