Hem Netjer Journeys Through The Elements With ‘The Song Of Trees’


March 5The Song Of Trees is the debut album from dark electronic folk band, Hem Netjer. It was written mostly remotely during the height of the lockdowns.

The album is a musical journey through the five elements; Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Void. With three singles already released, The Song Of Trees entices the listener to look within themselves, in hopes to find something from each stage of the elemental journey that can be used within their daily lives.

The journey starts off with Void, the nothingness, the empty state of being where one can relax and just be in an open state. Next we move to Salt And Tears, where the water consumes you, allowing the waves to wash away that which doesn’t serve you.

The next stage is Eldur, where the fire will ignite the passion behind that which does serve you and rekindle a reminder of what you value within yourself. Freedom represents the air we breathe. This air reminds you to go with the flow and to let the journey take you to where it is needed. Next, with Connect we go deep into the earth to ground and root yourself, to keep you stable in a fluctuating world.

On the second last stage,  we see all the elements coming together in “Elemental Cry”, to help release your inner warrior within. Lastly, our final stage, Otherworld, reminds us to work alongside those that are no longer around or those that are not always known, to find the connection with ourselves.

The Song of Trees was released on February 28 on all major digital platforms including Bandcamp.

Check out the video for “Elemental Cry” HERE:

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