Nashville groove-rock trio The Brummies reach out with “Call Me” music video

“Expansive…they’re from nashville but you’re going to get a vintage version of Brit pop.” – NPR World Cafe
“Certainly a welcome slice of escapism.” – American Songwriter
“Gripping indie rock radiance” – EARMILK
“The Brummies possess a rare combination of instrumental mastery, vocal proficiency, and a boldness and confidence to make work that’s untethered to anyone else, while still paying homage to those that came before them.” – Atwood Magazine
“Deep and powerful” – PopWrapped
“An irresistible listen, effortlessly riding a wave between shiny pop and rock ‘n’ roll.” – Variance
“Polished, rhythmic rock” – (Alabama)
“A fluffy hug of indie rock touched with soulful harmonies, funk rockish guitar licks and blessed by a synth wave softness. The production feels like the all inclusive hybrid funk rock jams of the 70’s with a twist of big pop making it timeless.” – American Pancake
FEBRUARY 15, 2020 (NASHVILLE, TN) — Nashville groove-rock trio The Brummies deliver a special home video performance from their living room to yours in their latest release “Call Me.” The video shows the band recording in their home studio with minimal mood lighting and a close-knit crew of friends, as they remind fans to stay connected and “call anytime.” Released on Valentine’s Day, and nearing the year mark the COVID-19 quarantine shutdown, the song couldn’t come at a more appropriate time.
“So if you get lonely and need someone to talk
Won’t you call me anytime
And if you got a story
And need someone to tell
Won’t you call me anytime… anytime.”
Singer and multi-instrumentalist John Davidson shares, “This is one of the first songs that we knew would be on the album. It started in the band room. I was on an old keyboard playing these chords and Jacob was on the drums and started singing the chorus. We finished writing it with our good friend Madi Diaz about just missing our friends and family. It’s about how we’d love to stay in better touch with the people we love. We hope that message can help others do the same. Especially in these crazy times.”
Jacob Bryant, vocalist and multi-tool musician, adds, “I’ve had a lot of friends move away, out of state and the country. I started writing this out reflecting on how much I missed them, and all of the things I wish I would just call them up and say.”
Trevor Davis, percussionist and background vocalist, reflects, “We’ve actually been playing it out live for over a year now. That’s of course, when people were still playing shows.” He also gives diehard fans a little secret behind the music, “There’s a Siri voice repeating the broke down bridge words. If you listen closely you will hear it.”
The Brummies are the kind of band that have a little something for everyone; they seamlessly blend indie and classic rock, funk and disco for a 360 degree experience that is sure to keep fans dancing at the bar, at their shows, and even at home in the basement these days. Their new album Automatic World is out now, via Sandbox Entertainment, with a full scope of love, sunshine, fear for tomorrow, and the entire range of emotions. The record explores all things past and present diving into the theme of déjà vu. Automatic World is also now available on vinyl.
Automatic World features contrasting jams that mirror the constant fluctuation of feelings we’re all facing. They’ve got uplifting clap-along jams like “Sunshine” and softer melancholy songs contemplating death like “Tomorrow.” NPR’s World Cafe featured “Cherry Blossom” on the show, with Ann Powers calling their new sound “expansive” and “they’re from nashville but you’re going to get a vintage version of Brit pop.”
Produced by The Brummies along with Jarrad Kritzstein (Ruston Kelly) and Austin Jenkins (Leon Bridges), Automatic World exists in those atmospheric notes that seem to soundtrack our subconscious. There are rhythmic guitar riffs straight out of the Seventies, hypnotic Moog passages that evoke the electronica of Giorgio Moroder, and even the bright tones of soul music.
Atwood Magazine said of the album “The sheer scope of their creative visions for ‘Automatic World’ come through when listening to the record, which truly feels as if you’re listening to something purely brand new and undiluted, regardless of whether it’s the first listen or the tenth listen.”
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Automatic World
Track Listing
  1. Cherry Blossom
  2. Sunshine
  3. Call Me
  4. Fever Dream
  5. Till It Happens
  6. Who Should I Be
  7. Love Language
  8. That Night
  9. After Midnight
  10.  Automatic World
  11.  Tomorrow
  12.  Been Here Before
  13.  Island
Credit: Natalie Osborne
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