TERMINAL NATION: Holocene Extinction LP From Arkansas Hardcore Act Streaming In Its Entirety; Record Sees Release Friday Through 20 Buck Spin

photo by Kurt Lunsford
Stream TERMINAL NATION’s Holocene Extinction HERE.
Little Rock, Arkansas-based metallic hardcore quintet TERMINAL NATION will unleash their debut LP, Holocene Extinction, this Friday through 20 Buck Spin, who today posts the album for early streaming.
America is a tinderbox. Lockdowns, pandemic, police brutality, kleptocracy, the orange menace. The injustice system is alive and well. Since day one TERMINAL NATION has been shining a light on it all through their crushing music, point blank lyrics, merch and media, lashing out at institutional corruption and racist power structures. And not from a liberal coastal enclave where it’s a generally welcome message but from Deep Red Arkansas.
Following several EPs from the politically minded powerhouse on Deep Six Records, TERMINAL NATION‘s Holocene Extinction marks the debut full-length assault, the band returning at a pivotal moment where lines are being drawn and the possibilities of compromise are going up in smoke. Like fuel to the fires of dissent the band’s brutally heavy amalgam of metallic hardcore, death metal and powerviolence eviscerates with unforgiving sincerity the recognizable and the insidious forces propping up the White Supremacy machine.
Events are moving fast now, the dominoes are falling, and every day it is more apparent a reckoning is at hand. War is upon us and a Holocene Extinction is a likely outcome, because you cannot save a world that refuses to be saved.
Engineered by Jason Tedford and recorded at Wolfman Studios in Little Rock, Holocene Extinction was mixed by Ryan Bram of Homewrecker Studios, mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege (From Ashes Rise, Integrity, Noisem), and completed with cover art by Adam Burke, with additional art by Valentine Duran, and photography by Kurt Lunsford.
Listen to TERMINAL NATION’s Holocene Extinction early RIGHT HERE.
20 Buck Spin will issue Holocene Extinction on CD, LP, and digital formats on August 7th. Preorders are live at Bandcamp where several tracks are streaming HERE and at the label webshop HERE.
Watch for updates on TERMINAL NATION to post over the bleak weeks ahead.
“Holocene Extinction marries a tectonic late-’90s metallic hardcore pummeling-think Acme’s towering comp To Reduce the Choir to One Soloist (1996), His Hero Is Gone’s Fifteen Counts of Arson (1997) and Catharsis’ Samsara (1997)-to a nasty attack that calls to mind Napalm Death, Entombed, and Obituary, with a few requisite-yet-tastefully-executed circa South Of Heaven Slayer-isms tossed in for good measure.” – Decibel Magazine
“Barreling straight outta Arkansas, TERMINAL NATION deliver totally nasty hardcore pummel in the vein of Nails and Xibalba… Our favorite part? The bellow of ‘You wouldn’t know oppression if it nailed you to the fucking cross!’ before the band launches into a crushing, slow-motion death churn.” – Revolver Magazine
“Little Rock, Arkansas band TERMINAL NATION‘s upcoming album Holocene Extinction is tagged ‘extreme metallic hardcore’ on their label 20 Buck Spin’s Bandcamp, and that’s the perfect way to put it. Is it hardcore? Death metal? Black metal? Yes and no, but whatever you call it, it fucking rips and it also comes with a message that really resonates right now.” – BrooklynVegan
“20 Buck Spin hits hard with another funtime-summertime hit: gargle-with-motor- oil vocals, sludgened HC/death metal hybrid stomp from this fiercely political Arkansas outfit. Bloody music for the times from the deepest/reddest of states for sure.” – Metal Injection
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