The Sixth Chamber Unveils The Vampiric, ‘Beyond The Night Veil’


November 27, 2023 – After several years in the making, The Sixth Chamber finally unveils the highly-anticipated full-length album, Beyond The Night Veil.

The new album, Beyond The Night Veil, begins with a live in-person recording of Transylvanian gray wolves setting a distinctly vampiric tone. It continues to unfold throughout the twelve tracks of the album and transitions seamlessly into ancient Kemetic, Lovecraftian, funerary, occult, mythological and mystic themes placed over gothic rock, doom and retro metal.

For fans of Black Sabbath, Christian Death, Type O Negative, Danzig and other acts of yore who have triumphed in defiance over the hipsters, haters, losers, liars and scene gatekeepers of the music industry who have tried and failed over the last few decades to vanquish the flame of the undying rock ‘n’ roll underground.

Special guest musicians on the album include keyboardist Alan St. Jon of Alice Cooper/Billy Squier fame, Steve Jansson of Crypt Sermon, and Canadian violin virtuoso Lillian Liu.

Beyond The Night Veil is available on Spotify and all major digital platforms NOW!

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