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New Track and Accompanying Video for “TELL EM ALL AGAIN” Can Be Viewed Here:


Huntington, NY — Wake The Sun has premiered the newly recorded composition “Tell Em All Again” and its accompanying video which can be screened here: https://youtu.be/uxAMmeI5kjk. The band chose not to sit idle while immersed in the global pandemic, opting to utilize modern technology to collaborate while social distancing. The results capture the core nuances, energy and musicianship define the band’s sound. There is a notion of vintage renaissance in the music and imagery, while also exhibiting a young artist channeling a reawakening of the soulful music that moved and shook generations historically during times of crisis.

This latest recording of “Tell Em All Again” was mixed by Mike Watts of Vudu Studios, while the accompanying music video was produced by Tom Flynn. Dillon Mealey shares, “The composition illustrates a call to break the cycle of what society deems as normality, and the notion that so many people are brought up thinking they need to get a 9-5 job to simply make money, eat, sleep, and repeat until you die. The lyrics are about discovering who you are, creating your own path, and finding your identity. Too often people get wrapped up in others opinions, media views and instant gratification through social channels. The song elucidates the importance of taking time to get away from all that and to find your own happiness. I chose to depict a character, who as the narrator has identified these sentiments and is living them, and is telling his / her friends you can do it too, if you want to. From my perspective, there’s a very real importance to sometimes get away from it all.  Simply to make time for yourself, pursue goals and dreams, and think on your own.  Nowhere is this more important than in today’s current climate, and its primarily why we feel this is an opportune time to release this song.”

The rural upbringing of some of the band members has had a huge impact on the music, as seen in the tonal characteristics to their lyrical content.  Wake The Sun as a band have made many sacrifices in order to get to the position of where they’re at today. These trials and tribulations, often while navigating thousands of miles on the road have toughened the band making them a strong, commitment brotherhood prepared to face their future from a position of strength.  The visual imagery in the accompanying video offers a memory of those miles travelled through the iconic VW bus pictures in the accompanying art. Mealey offers, “The imagery of the VW is in essence ‘our tour van’ and personifies how it feels to get away when on the road, and all the sentiments that coincide. It is also representative of a nostalgia, of perhaps a simpler time. Moreover, the van is a depiction of a metaphoric vehicle that anyone can use to get away, break the aforementioned ‘cycle’ and travel to a place of self-actualization.”

Wake the Sun plays passionate and soulful rock. Think The Who meets The Black Keys, with qualities of the Rival Sons and Queens Of The Stone Age present. The New York based band is collectively influenced by the acid-washed, blues driven rock bands of the 60’s and 70’s as well as the darker, more modern rock of today. The band began to take shape when Dillon Mealey (Vocals and Rhythm Guitar) and Jeff Alvarado (Bass) moved into a small apartment together on Long Island after college to focus on writing music.

Growing up in upstate NY, the band’s primary songwriter Dillon Mealey was immersed in a rural upbringing. Taking to the woods and ponds after school was a frequent occurrence to get away from the everyday struggles of a somewhat meager upbringing. When he found music, everything changed for him. As he matured and found his own personal voice, he surrounded himself with like minded collaborators, some of whom have migrated out of the ensemble through the years. In 2015, a self-titled EP was released, which led to a full-length album entitled Through The Night in 2018.  The band followed those releases with several tours, two of which were routed coast to coast over seven-week runs.  The band has shared the stage with national acts such as Scott Weiland, Buckcherry, and A Day to Remember.

Today, the band features Dillon Mealey on vocals and rhythm guitar, Jeff Alvarado on bass, James Rubino performing lead guitar, and Andres Valbuena handling drums.  Over the course of 2020, Wake The Sun was forced to adapt and develop remotely. This track is the first of several that will be introduced this year, in to a planned full-length album release next year.

The band has collective clarity that in times of darkness there is always bound to be light around the corner. Their moniker Wake The Sun evokes this idea, and nowhere is this more evident than in today’s societal climate. The quartet’s aim and drive are to enhance the sonic fabric that will shape a new generation of rock music. A reawakening of the soulful music that moved and shook generations way before this generation’s time of crisis.

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