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Spor - Black Eyed EP (2016)

Spor Releases Free 5 song EP: Black Eyed

While it is arguable that Jon Gooch is better known for his electro house pseudonym Feed Me, it is his drum and bass persona Spor that first got him noticed in the EDM scene. It is that name that he resurrected with last year’s “Caligo”

Album Review: Galaxy Cloak

We’ve hit a weird point of singularity where the sounds from the past that new artists are referencing are as relevant again as they originally were; aka these past few years everyone has been obsessed with the 90’s again. But as the dust is finally

Featured Artist: TONY

  Why do we love music? Because it comes from everywhere. Sometimes we are disappointed when we hear something randomly sent our way, other times we are mind-blown while hearing something that we never knew existed. Today, we look at one of those mind-blowing artists.

Swerve at Harvard & Stone in East Hollywood on March 16th

Local alt-rock band Swerve performed at Harvard & Stone as the opening act for rock n’ roll group The Hellflowers’ debut EP release party.     Swerve landed on the Los Angeles scene just last fall with the debut of their self-titled EP. They’ve been

Review: Crossing Rubicon- No Less Than Everything

Crossing Rubicon’s new album, titled No Less Than Everything released on Feb 12th, 2016. It is a fantastic album. I went in expecting to hear Jeanne Sagan heavily influencing the album, and was pleasantly surprised at how well the band seamed together. The album has


 I Recently had the opportunity to listen to the new album from Adelita’s Way aptly titled Getaway. This is a powerful album from start to finish, with the first song Bad Reputation previously released in December 2015 as a single. Let’s take a moment to discuss this song, not only is it catchy, but to paraphrase the opening first few lyrics: “I like to”, You will also be saying “I like to”, but ending that sentence with “Listen to this song”.  Bad Reputation does not live to it’s name, it is electric, with well placed guitars, and an even better chorus which you will be singing along to in no time at all.   The sophomore song, and album’s namesake, Getaway, is just as catchy as Bad Reputation; also with fantastic power to be considered as a single. Actually, almost every song on the album will do well as singles, there isn’t one song on the album that does not shine individually.From start to finish this is a fun album to call any one song a favorite just doesn’t seem right, especially after the next song starts. There is a total of 11 songs, each one competing with the last for “best song on the album”.   I do personally recommend that you find a copy of Getaway, and give it a listen to. The listener will have several feelings for this album, but disappointment will not be one of them.