ASTARI NITE Unleashes Resolution Of Happiness: A Labyrinthine Of Desires & The Pursuit Of Fulfillment


July 8th, 2024 – Negative Gain Productions recording artists, ASTARI NITE have just unveiled their latest full-length album, Resolution Of Happiness.

The album chronicles the individual’s journey through the grieving process from denial through acceptance. But perhaps more importantly, Resolution Of Happiness offers a trajectory of hope and the celebration of life itself.

Speaking from personal experience, vocalist Mychael candidly states, “Something altered inside of me and to be perfectly honest with anyone who has brought ASTARI NITE into their lives, I was able to finally become at peace with the loss of my brother and Father!

The past never-ending years have been rather haunting though with a bunch of cheers from my friends and a bit of introspection, the grieving process seems to have vanished. I woke up and was able to breathe again! So, maybe I’m in bloom, maybe it’s okay to be myself, or maybe I could care less about wearing a crown of gloom any longer. The songs that make up Resolution Of Happiness are honest and welcoming into a perspective of my own, personal life. I’m in love with being alive and I’m in love with watching and making people smile.”

Resolution Of Happiness is about learning from one another and the idea that creating memories is far more important than allowing “energy vampires” to drain your existence. Do what you want to. Don’t change the volume!

Resolution Of Happiness is available on CD, vinyl and digital formats in North America via Negative Gain Productions and on Danse Macabre Records for European digital distribution.

Stream ASTARI NITE Via Spotify HERE:

Check out the video for “Tongue-Tied Galore” HERE:

The “Tongue-Tied Galore” video for ASTARI NITE was about portraying a day in the life of the band, or many days in the life of the band from hanging out before and after the shows, to touring and seeing friends, hitting stages near and far such as the Red Party and Dark Force Fest, without forgetting where the band came from. ASTARI NITE’s city of Miami and stages like Churchills were repeatedly paid tribute to throughout the video.

Whereas the song itself is visceral in nature, the video absorbs itself and scenes of happiness the band has shared together. As vocalist Mychael states, “With the help of our friends, the video is made of pictures in the collage of our daily lives, often greater than the sum of all its parts.”

ASTARI NITE will be performing songs off the new album Resolution Of Happiness at the following dates

7/6 Dallas, TX (Obituary Fest at The Granada Theater- presented by Leah Lane of Rosegarden Funeral Party)

8/3 Ybor City, FL. (Crowbar presented by Communion After Dark)

8/24 WPB, FL. (The March Violets and Rosegarden Funeral Party, presented by Heroes Live Entertainment)

9/7 Germany – (NCN Festival)

9/13 Fort Lauderdale, FL. (Culture Room presented MIDGE URE – THE VOICE OF ULTRAVOX)

9/28 Louisville, KY (Radio Arcane presents DARK CASTLE FEST)

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