The Palace Of Tears Drops New Single & Video, “Veiled Screen, Woven Dream”


October 19, 2023 – Gothic rock duo, The Palace Of Tears has just unveiled their bewitching new single & video; the title track from the upcoming sophomore album Veiled Screen, Woven Dream.

“Veiled Screen, Woven Dream” is the title track from the upcoming full-length sophomore album. This version of the single is a more synth heavy ambient mix, a shortened and condensed version adapted for the accompanying self-produced music video. Its release date (Oct 15th) is memorializing the anniversary of vocalist L.V.’s brother who died suddenly in 2022.

“Veiled Screen, Woven Dream” was originally a romantic song: On the mundane level, it is about reuniting after prolonged separation and isolation, and the intensity that accompanies the experience, sometimes as a blissful revelry, while at other times it is almost painfully sweet. So sweet that it hurts, as if your heart were going to burst. On the arcane level, it speaks to those who have passed on, and our desire to commune with those we love and miss beyond the veil, and when you might meet again in another form.”

“Veiled Screen, Woven Dream” is available on all major digital outlets including Bandcamp.

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