Prague Gothic Rockers Cathedral In Flames Release Their Cover Of Billy Idol’s “Rebel Yell”


October20th, 2023 – The Czech gothic rock band, Cathedral In Flames unleashed their version of Billy Idol‘s legendary song, “Rebel Yell” on Friday, October 13th.

In their version of the iconic song, Cathedral In Flames toyed with tempos, added strings and flirted with blast-beats for the first time in their history. Produced by the legendary John Freyer, the song retains the anthemic fast-paced chorus, which is further supported by a stylized comic book video.

Singer Phil Lee Fall says, “The songs were basically made to order. And we had a lot of arguments over it. We couldn’t figure it out for a long time, but when Gatsby threw in the tempo changes, everything clicked. And John added the blast beats symbolically at the very end.”

And Gatsby adds, “”I’ve never liked this song, so I approached it in the end in the style of seeing if something interesting could be made out of a thousand times stale little ditty. How it turned out, judge for yourself. I’m washing my hands!””

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Check out the video for “Rebel Yell” HERE:

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