Yellowcard Celebrates 20 Years of Ocean Avenue at Petco Park

On Tuesday, Yellowcard brought their 20 Years of Ocean Avenue Tour to Gallagher Square at Petco Park in San Diego, California. Attendees were gifted yellow patches commemorating the band, show date, and location upon entry to the venue. Joining them as openers were This Wild Life, Anberlin, and Mayday Parade.

Self-proclaimed “Hot Topic Mumford & Sons” band The Wild Life was first to take the stage. Aptly described, their sound was a quirky blend of acoustic guitar and rock lyrics reminiscent of early 2000s bands like Dashboard Confessional. The duo, who were decked out in matching teal graphic button up shirts, consists of Kevin Jordan (vocals, guitar) and Anthony Del Grosso (guitar) who hail from Long Beach, CA. Originally forming in 2010, the band has performed on Warped Tour several times as well as festivals and tours in Australia and the UK. Their set was filled with fun energy, jokes, a well-received blink-182 cover, and was an enjoyable and lighthearted start to the evening.

No More Waiting
Catie Rae / Country Roads, Take Me Home
I Miss You (blink‐182 cover)
If It’s Cool With You I’m Cool Being Through

Next in the lineup was Anberlin, an alternative rock band from Winter Haven, Florida. Also dressed in matching outfits, each member was wearing head-to-toe white clothing. A few concertgoers in the front row commented how their outfits reminded them of The Maine or OK Go, two music groups who have been featured wearing all white outfits in various photoshoots and music videos over the years.

Since forming in 2002, Anberlin has released seven studio albums. The group is composed of lead vocalist Stephen Christian, guitarists Joseph Milligan and Christian McAlhaney, bassist Deon Rexroat, and drummer Nathan Young. Nathan Young is also credited with recording drums for two of Yellowcard’s previous albums, Lift A Sail (2014) and Yelllowcard (2016) during Anberlin’s hiatus.

The band broke up in 2014 and later reunited for a few one-off shows and short tours through 2018 to 2020 with no intentions to make a full comeback until frontman Christian announced in 2020 that the band was recording new music. Their first song in seven years, “Two Graves” released in September of 2021.

Never Take Friendship Personal
Paperthin Hymn
Two Graves
Feel Good Drag

As the sun began to set, Florida-based band Mayday Parade stepped out to greet the amped up crowd. The five piece includes Derek Sanders (lead vocals), Alex Garcia (lead guitar), Brooks Betts (rhythm guitar), Jeremy Lenzo (bass guitar), Jake Bundrick (drums), all of whom have been with the band since its formation in 2005. Quickly gaining popularity after releasing their debut studio album A Lesson in Romantics in 2007, the group has appeared on the Warped Tour lineup eight times and previously toured with This Wild Life and William Ryan Key of Yellowcard in 2018 to promote their album, Sunnyland (2018). They’ve also been nominated for “Most Dedicated Fans” twice at the Alternative Press Music Awards, and after seeing the enthusiasm from the audience it is easy to see why.

Their short but captivating setlist included familiar favorites like “Oh Well, Oh Well” and “Anywhere but Here” as well as recent singles “More Like a Crash” and “Got Me All Wrong.” The band rounded out their performance with two classics from their debut album, “Jersey” and “Jamie All Over” as the venue filled up just before the headlining act.

Oh Well, Oh Well
More Like a Crash
Anywhere but Here
Miserable at Best
Piece of Your Heart
Got Me All Wrong
Jamie All Over

Just before 8:30pm, the lights dimmed as fans cheered in anticipation. An introductory display of lights and clips from various hit songs played while the band took the stage. Also from Florida, Yellowcard formed in Jacksonville in 1997 as a pop-punk group and is known for their unique sound and prominent use of violin in their songs. Current members include Sean Mackin (violin, vocals), Ryan Key (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Ryan Mendez (lead guitar), and Josh Portman (bass). They are also joined on this tour by drummer Jimmy Brunkvist.

Their 19-song setlist featured the majority of the track list of their third and arguably most well-known studio album Ocean Avenue (2003), as well as selections from the rest of their discography scattered throughout, making for a nostalgic and memorable night of music. Early in the set, frontman Ryan Key asked the crowd, “you feeling that heat?? That’s the violin melting your face off!” which was met with laughter. Violinist Sean Mackin passionately traversed the stage, hopping on risers and adding his musical flair to each song.
Later in the night, the band mentioned that they’ve had the same booking agent since 2001, and were surprised at the size of the venues suggested for this tour. But ultimately they have sold out multiple recent shows and are pleasantly surprised at the turnout and commitment from the fans even after their hiatus. Currently playing some of their biggest shows ever, Yellowcard looks forward to what the future holds and is excited about creating new music.

The band returned to the stage for an encore of “With You Around,” “Only One,” and everyone’s favorite, “Ocean Avenue.” Yellowcard recently dropped a new EP, “Childhood Eyes” which consists of five songs and has guest features from Pierce The Veil and Dashboard Confessional. After they wrap up this anniversary tour, you can catch them at the When We Were Young Festival in Las Vegas this October.

Way Away
Lights and Sounds
Life of a Salesman
Rough Landing, Holly
Holly Wood Died
One Year, Six Months
Hang You Up (feat. Derek Sanders of Mayday Parade)
Empty Apartment
Childhood Eyes
Light Up the Sky
Always Summer
Back Home
With You Around
Only One
Ocean Avenue