Dark Ambient Project, Cucurbitophobia Goes Nostalgic With Autumnal Apparitions

For Immediate Release:

October 31, 2022 – Cucurbitophobia, known for their dark ambient, horror-inspired masterpiece releases has just unveiled their latest release in time for the Halloween season.

Autumnal Apparitions is a collection of works inspired by the Autumn season. A rustic, nostalgic, melancholy ambiance is prevalent throughout the album, portraying an ebb and flow between dark, experimental dissonance and lighter, sadder, ambient minor-key driven moods.

Autumnal Apparitions treads more into atmospheric music territory. Unlike previous Cucurbitophobia releases, guitars take a backseat this time around and allow percussion and keyboard textures to be in the forefront. While plenty of delightfully eerie horror elements remain present, Autumnal Apparitions comes forth with more mournful, reflective sensibilities rather than harsh, startling bursts of fear.Autumnal Apparitions is available NOW on all digital platforms including Bandcamp.

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