Luscious Apparatus Addresses Rage Control With New Single


June 21, 2022 – “Bricks & Bones” is the recently-unveiled single from Oregon-based electronic act, Luscious Apparatus.

“Bricks & Bones” comes from a woman on a journey to control her rage instead of being consumed by it, and letting it destroy everything she’s worked so hard to achieve.

It’s not simply being “mad” about something anyone did; it’s a wire that gets tripped and rips open her monster’s cage. If she starts to heat up, grab her a cold beverage, towel, icepack, etc. She’ll cool off if you catch it right away. Do not show fear, do not tell her to calm down. Be calm. She’s working on it.

“Bricks & Bones” is available on all streaming platforms including Bandcamp NOW.

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