Kaio Mars (American Pets) shares solo debut “All I Need,” treasures childhood memories of an American immigrant

Photo credit: Alex Shahmiri
“Vulnerable, kaleidoscopic… ‘All I Need’ establishes Kaio Mars as a voice of passion, raw emotion, and intimacy.” – Atwood Magazine
(LOS ANGELES, CA) AUGUST 26, 2020 — Kaio Mars, a member of the band American Pets, shares his debut solo single “All I Need” today. The mellow track starts softly on an acoustic guitar before building into a full out groove, reflecting on childhood memories and holding them tightly as a bridge to the future. “That’s all I need. That feeling’s all I need.”
Kaio Mars explains, “The song is about finding the joy in music again. Having felt kind of jaded about the whole songwriting process I thought it would be helpful to put myself in the shoes of my 5,6,7 year old self again — dancing around in the living room with my parents and my sister strumming a toy guitar my parents had bought for me. We used to do this thing as a family where my dad would put on some Bob Marley records and I would strum my guitar, sing along, and pretend I was putting on a concert for the family. It’s about letting go of the unnecessary and surrendering to only the essential.”
Hanging on to words
That lost their meaning
Sing another verse
Without the feeling
I wanna go back
Listen to the soundtrack
With my mom and dad
That’s all I need
That feeling’s all I need
Earlier this week, Atwood Magazine debuted “All I Need” in an interview with Kaio Mars, who expanded on the culmination of things that led him to releasing new music. It’s been a winding road and like most folks dealing with the quarantine life and the effects of COVID-19,  music has been a major source of inspiration. For artists like Kaio Mars, creating something special to share with others is what makes the most sense right now.
Atwood described “All I Need” as having “dazzling energy and subdued indie rock charm…and a splash of psychedelia.” The track keeps a delicate balance between holding onto the past and generating hope for the future, using relatable lyrics and a swaying beat to keep it upbeat.
Born in Germany to Iranian parents fleeing post-revolution Iran, Kaio Mars is aiming to shine a light on the refugee and immigrant experience through song. “All I Need” was written in a time when Kaio Mars was frustrated by the music creation process. It serves as a reminder that people relate to personal experiences rather than trying to conform to some imaginary standard purported by a white-dominated industry.
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