Falling In Reverse Come To Jannus Live On The Drug in Me Is Gold Tour

February 11

Falling In Reverse’s debut album The Drug In Me Is You was a fresh start for singer Ronnie Radke to forget about his past and pave his own road towards new success and redemption. The album was the birth of one of the most recognizable bands in the music with its own unique style blending metalcore, pop punk and rap core together. All the fans here at a sold out show in St. Petersburg will get a real treat and have the album played in it’s entirety right before their eyes!

Right out of the gate, singer Ronnie Radke waste’s no time hitting the stage and getting the show started. Ronnie shared the time with a single spot light while he belted out his somber ballad “The Drug In Me Is Reimagined”. As Radke’s words carry across the open venue as the cell phones started to illuminate like a sea of stars. The song had been”Reimagined” from it’s original version to just vocals to celebrate the anniversary of the album turning gold.

Falling In Reverse may be known have quiet a few up beat pop type of tracks through their catalog, but the band didn’t hold back with heavy riff and breakdown driven songs like “Goodbye Graceful” and “Don’t Mess With Ouija Boards” which ignited multiple pits across the floor

One of the cool things about bands playing an entire album live is that there’s at least one song that never saw the light of day on stage. As Ronnie would put it “Oh SHIT, grab your Whiteclaws!” as “Pick Up The Phone” gets played for the first time live. The band had changed it up a bit a threw and curve ball at the crowd by playing the entire track list backwards. Forward or backwards, the fans would have accepted this album in anyway, shape or form and their non-stop excitement and devotion was proof of that through out the entire show.

Falling In Reverse left it all out there on that stage by the time the show was over. Guitarist Max Georgiev was a riff monster that would leave fans in amazement at his skill set on the six string. Bassist Tyler Burgess and drummer Johnny Mele laid down that heavy rhythm and bottom end which I could feel in my chest from the back of Jannus Live.

And then of course there’s Ronnie Radke. Ronnie went hard every song and gave everything he had with every single note that left his mouth. He is the definition of what a front man should be and had the crowd eating out of the palm of his hand the entire show. This was one of the best shows to hit Central Florida this year and a must catch for any fan. The Drug In Me Is Gold Tour only has a few dates left, so make sure you get out there and get to a show. Also, head to the bands website to sign up for the different VIP packages at fallinginreverse.com.