Neon Funeral Gets ‘Banned From The Goth Club’


November 13, 2023 – New Jersey-based darkwave/post-punk band, Neon Funeral has just unleashed their new EP, Banned From The Goth Club courtesy of Cleopatra Records.

The EP’s theme is based upon the band feeling alienated from the goth scene.  The name of the EP, Banned From The Goth Club was given because of the band’s challenge in finding their audience given their contradictory sound.

The band states, “The goth audience can’t exactly get fully immersed into the music because of the aggression and intensity of the vocals and the hardcore scene can’t exactly understand the softer and dance-driven instrumentals for moshing. We once performed at a goth venue and seemed out of place and out of touch with the audience. We then coined the phrase “Banned From The Goth Club” to welcome the eclectic sound and introduce it playfully.”

The songs on Banned From The Goth Club go through different emotional undertones. “Avolition” is fast and dance-driven with a good melody. “High Tech Low Life” takes a slower,  more somber approach but ends with a very fast, intense electronic sound and metal vocals. “A Void” is a very introspective song that covers questions of nihilism, drug addiction, and societal pressures. The last track is a cover of Eddie Murphy’s 80s “one hit wonder”, “Party All The Time”.

The video for “Avolition” was filmed at a local vintage arcade and bar that the band felt would match their aesthetic well.

Banned From The Goth Club is available on all major digital outlets including Bandcamp.

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