Godsmack Make Their Highly Anticipated Explosive Return To Freedom Mortgage Pavillion


Godsmack, the iconic hard rock band renowned for their powerful sound and electrifying performances, recently embarked on a momentous journey celebrating a quarter-century of musical excellence. Amidst their Best of Times tour, which subsequently coincides in celebration of the band’s 25th-anniversary, the band encountered an unexpected twist of fate as their scheduled performance at the Freedom Mortgage Pavilion back in July was postponed due to inclement weather. However, undeterred by the elements, Godsmack returned with resounding force alongside the celebrated band Extreme, forging an unforgettable musical spectacle that resonated with the audience in ways unforeseen. This convergence of musical prowess and enduring talent marked a night of unparalleled energy and fervor, solidifying the significance of Godsmack’s enduring legacy in the realm of rock music.

Extreme’s recent performance at the Freedom Mortgage Pavilion was nothing short of a musical extravaganza that captivated the audience from the very first chord to the final thunderous crescendo. Led by the charismatic Gary Cherone and the virtuosic Nuno Bettencourt, the band’s setlist showcased a remarkable fusion of their classic hits and bold renditions of iconic tracks, leaving the crowd in awe of their raw talent and infectious energy. The evening ignited with an explosive rendition of “It’s a Monster,” setting the tone for an electrifying journey through their discography. With a seamless transition into the soulful “Decadence Dance,” Extreme effortlessly demonstrated their musical prowess, drawing the crowd deeper into their spellbinding performance.

The band’s magnetic stage presence was further accentuated during their enthralling rendition of “Play With Me,” ingeniously infused with Queen’s anthemic “We Will Rock You” as the introductory hook, creating a powerful blend that reverberated throughout the venue. As the night progressed, the band delved into an enthralling cover of James Brown’s “Get Up (I Feel Like Being a) Sex Machine,” infusing their signature flair into the soulful classic, evoking a wave of fervent enthusiasm among the concertgoers. Nuno Bettencourt’s breathtaking guitar solo of Van Halen’s “Eruption” during the performance of “Cupid’s Dead” further accentuated the band’s technical finesse and showcased the sheer brilliance of their musical craftsmanship. The exhilarating spectacle reached its climax as Extreme closed their set with an electrifying rendition of their iconic anthem “Rise,” leaving an indelible mark on the audience and reaffirming the band’s unparalleled prowess in delivering a truly unforgettable live performance.

Shortly after 8:30pm, it was Godsmack’s turn to demonstrate to the thousands in attendance, the testament to their enduring legacy as one of hard rock’s most formidable acts. Led by the dynamic frontman Sully Erna and fueled by the powerhouse drumming of Shannon Larkin, the crushing riffs of guitarist Tony Rombola and the devastating low end of bassist Robbie Merrill, the band delivered a high-octane performance that left the audience exhilarated and craving more. The night kicked off with a thunderous rendition of “When Legends Rise,” setting the stage for an evening of intense musical fervor and unbridled energy that would define the entirety of the show.

The fervor only intensified as Godsmack launched into “1000hp,” accompanied by a breathtaking display of pyrotechnics that illuminated the stage and further amplified the adrenaline-pumping atmosphere. Seamlessly transitioning into tracks from their latest record “Lighting Up the Sky,” including the emotive “What About Me” and the anthemic “Red White & Blue,” the band showcased their ability to seamlessly blend hard-hitting riffs with poignant lyricism, capturing the hearts and minds of the enraptured audience.

The setlist continued to resonate with classics such as the haunting “Awake” and the iconic “Voodoo,” which elicited an uproarious response from the crowd, echoing the timeless appeal of Godsmack’s signature sound. The highly anticipated drum battle, “Batalla de los tambores,” between Sully Erna and Shannon Larkin was a show-stopping spectacle that transcended mere musical performance, featuring a medley of iconic tracks including “Back in Black,” “Walk This Way,” “Enter Sandman,” “Moby Dick,” and “Tom Sawyer,” showcasing the unparalleled technical prowess of both musicians.

The energy reached a fever pitch as Godsmack invited Extreme onto the stage for a rousing cover of AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell,” infusing the night with a collaborative spirit that underscored the camaraderie and mutual respect shared between the two legendary bands. The encore segment commenced with an emotionally charged rendition of “Under Your Scars,” followed by the defiant anthem “Bulletproof,” and culminated in an explosive performance of their iconic hit “I Stand Alone,” leaving an indelible mark on the audience and solidifying Godsmack’s position as an unstoppable force in the realm of hard rock.

As the final notes of Godsmack’s Best of Times tour reverberated through the Freedom Mortgage Pavilion, the collective energy of the crowd seemed to linger in the air, a testament to the unforgettable night that had just unfolded. With their unwavering passion and magnetic stage presence, Godsmack, accompanied by the electrifying presence of Extreme, had crafted an evening of unbridled musical fervor and camaraderie that transcended the confines of a traditional concert experience. From the thunderous beats of the drum battle to the powerful harmonies of the collaborative AC/DC cover, the night encapsulated the essence of rock ‘n’ roll at its finest. As the audience dispersed, it was evident that the convergence of these two iconic bands had not only marked the culmination of a momentous tour but had also etched an indelible memory in the hearts and minds of all those fortunate enough to bear witness to this extraordinary musical union.