Metalcore Dropouts Tour Lights Up The Ritz in Tampa, Florida



On Wednesday, October 11th, the city of Tampa, Florida was in for a treat as The Ritz hosted the Metalcore Dropouts Tour. With a completely sold-out show and fans lining up well before the doors opened, the atmosphere was electric even before the doors swung open. As the night unfolded, the bands on the lineup didn’t disappoint, delivering performances that will be etched in the memories of those lucky enough to attend.

The evening started out with the French metalcore band, LANDMVRKS. After a summer of European tours, the band expressed their excitement at finally being able to return to North America to play live music. Warming fans up for what was to come, the band’s lead vocalist, Florent Salfati, commanded the audience’s attention with his powerful and versatile vocals.

LANDMVRKS truly brought a surge of energy to the venue. The band’s relentless enthusiasm was contagious, inspiring fans to mosh, jump, and sing along, creating an immersive experience for everyone in the crowd. Their set was a perfect start to an incredible night.

Next up was Counterparts, who brought a darker and melancholic sound to the stage. The lighting perfectly complemented their intense, brooding performance. Hailing from Ontario, Canada, Counterparts took the energy to a whole new level with crowd surfing and continuous interaction with their fans.

Brendan Murphy, the lead vocalist, took the stage with a sense of urgency and passion. His raspy, emotive screams and heartfelt clean vocals were delivered with raw intensity, conveying the emotional weight of the band’s lyrics. One of the most memorable moments was when the band played “Whispers of your Death,” a song that was written as a tribute to Brendan’s cat who had passed away before the release of their latest album, “A Eulogy for Those Still Here.” Before starting, he said, “I miss my cat so much.” Anyone who has loved and lost a pet could relate to the raw emotion and less-talked-about grief that was portrayed in the song, admittedly leaving some fans in the audience with tears in their eyes.

Before ending their set, they also gave a heartfelt shoutout to the dedicated audience, expressing their appreciation for the opportunity to perform and sharing their gratitude for the other bands on the bill.

After such an emotionally heavy set, The Devil Wears Prada, one of the headline acts, exploded onto the stage with infectious energy. Their setlist featured many tracks from their newest record, “Color Decay,” as well as some throwbacks like “Dez Moines” and “Hey John, What’s Your Name Again?” This band knows how to captivate an audience, and they did so effortlessly, leaving fans headbanging and screaming along to every song.

Rhythm guitar player and clean vocalist, Jeremy DePoyster, really stood out as he commanded the audience into a wall of death and encouraged copious amounts of crowd surfing. However, the energy of the other five band members didn’t go unnoticed as they jumped and darted across the stage. Showcasing their musicianship and their intense stage presence, The Devil Wears Prada’s performance was a highlight of the night.

Fit for a King wrapped up the night with a powerful performance. They expressed their love for Florida as they encouraged the crowd to do what they are known for and go completely wild. Promoting friendly competition with their stop in Fort Lauderdale, frontman Ryan Kirby asked for even more chaos from fans. Waves of crowd surfers made their way to the barricade, testing security’s strength. In the center of the audience was a mosh pit that seemed relentless.

Their setlist included a solid mix of songs from their most recent album, “The Hell We Create,” and older songs such as “Slave to Nothing” and “Deathgrip.” The Texas metalcore band is known for their high-energy shows and the deep connection they establish with their audience. The night ended with one of the band’s heaviest songs, “God of Fire.” Both bassist, Ryan ‘Tuck’ O’Leary, and guitarist, Daniel Gaily, made their way into the crowd for one last impactful moment. Fit for a King brought high energy to the stage, leaving the crowd in awe of their intensity and passion. Their set was a perfect end to an evening filled with raw emotion and fierce energy.

The Metalcore Dropouts Tour at The Ritz was a night to remember. Each band on the bill brought their unique style and energy, connecting with the audience in their own special way. LANDMVRKS, Counterparts, The Devil Wears Prada, and Fit for a King all left a lasting impression on the crowd, making this tour stop a standout in the world of metalcore. With only six stops left on the tour, this is one fans won’t want to miss. Be sure to get your tickets before they sell out!

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