UK-Based Electro-Industrial Band, Binary Order Drops New Single, “Slow Blade”

For Immediate Release:

August 31, 2023 – UK-Based Electro-Industrial band, Binary Order has just unveiled their new single, “Slow Blade” from their forthcoming album due in late November.

Says Binary Order Mastermind, Benjamin J. Blank,

“Slow Blade” is a reflection of the decline I’ve witnessed in my lifetime. It’s a decline that has gotten us to a point where we are more concerned with passing the blame than attempting fix the decay that has rotted away at us all, leaving many despondent and lost, myself included.”

Musically, “Slow Blade” is an important track in that it spans across the two more contrasting sounds of IDM and metal that encompass the album. Once I had made it work as you hear it now, I had found the sound that I wanted The Future Belongs To The Mad to have.”

Check out the single on YouTube HERE:

The Future Belongs To The Mad due out in late November!

About the album, The Future Belongs To The Mad:

Work on The Future Belongs To The Mad took place over the course of nine months, from December 2022 until August 2023, and was written, produced and performed by Benjamin Blank. Containing twelve tracks of industrial metal, IDM and electronic cyberpunk inspired soundscapes, The Future Belongs To The Mad is a sprawling, epic, multi genre soundtrack to our own oblivion.

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