PHASERS ENGAGE Release New Single, “Awoken Intelligence”!

Electronic Rock band PHASERS ENGAGE has released their new single, “Awoken Intelligence.” Fusing bouncy synths with infectious guitar rhythms and energetic percussion, “Awoken Intelligence” is off of the quartet’s debut album, Departure Initiated!

“ ‘Awoken Intelligence’ is the second chapter of the story arc that is the album Departure Initiated. Our heroes find themselves in a new dimension, one where thought and reality are no longer separated.” – PHASERS ENGAGE

Track List:
1. Phasers Engage
2. Awoken Intelligence
3. Eleven Point Two
4. Head as a Speaker
5. Malfunction
6. 8 Bit Monster
7. Boundless

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Phasers Engage is the crew of the interdimensional subspace vessel The Transcendence. This ship is actuated by their music and allows the crew to travel to new states of existence. Departure Initiated tells of the members finding each other outside of their normal states of reality, their journey together to get through what lies ahead (including, of course, a boss battle), and finally their discovery of The Transcendence. Their departure is initiated and they set forth, unbound, toward adventure.

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