51 Peg Taps Into Heartbreak & Lost Connections For New Album


April 21, 2023 – Washington, DC-based industrial/rock band, 51 Peg has just announced the release of their long-awaited full-length album, A\Version.

A\Version’s themes center on the relationships we have with ourselves and others, and how they can fracture despite our best intentions. While some of the lyrical content is the most personal that singer Jeff Sargent has ever written, he still managed to tap into universally-shared experiences.

We’ve all dealt with the heartbreak and confusion of losing connection with people we’ve loved. Moreover, society itself has become literally (during the pandemic) and figuratively distanced from each other. Different “versions” of reality exist for everyone which has made it difficult to connect despite technology having been designed for us to communicate more effectively.

A\Version is available on CD, digital & all streaming formats:

Check out the lyric video for “The Distance Between” HERE:


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