STEVIE D Pays Tribute to JEFF BECK with Guitar Play-Through of “Cause We’ve Ended as Lovers” Featuring Nir Z and Jack Daley!

Producer and multi-instrumentalist songwriter STEVIE D (Stephen DeAcutis) has revealed his official guitar play-through music video for his incredible tribute to the late JEFF BECK, “Cause We’ve Ended as Lovers,” featuring Nir Z on drums and Jack Daley on bass.

“I recorded ‘Cause We’ve Ended as Lover’s’ about 2 years ago but, for whatever reason, hadn’t had it on my list of things to mix! I knew it was going to get done but I just had not scheduled the session! When Jeff passed recently, it was painfully obvious that it was time and I literally the day he passed pulled up the tracks and started mixing the song and did not stop till I started to tear up. Then I knew it was done! One pretty cool note about this recording, I actually made a tempo map from the original Blow by Blow release best that I could! If you listen close you can hear how the tempo ramped up as the track matured!” – STEVIE D

Stephen DeAcutis Aka Stevie D (born October 9, 1961) is the owner operator of Sound Spa Productions and Recording Studio in Edison, NJ where he has been Producing and mixing records for the better part of 3 decades.

Stevie D is best known for his recording expertise but has also participated as a multi-instrumentalist on many of the releases that have come out of Sound Spa as well as his own including the 2019 release with Living Colour Front man Corey Glover “Torn from the Pages” DeAcutis wrote all of the songs on the record as well as playing all the guitar, produced, mixed and mastered.

Stevie D began his fascination with recording when his parents bought him a Norelco cassette player for Christmas as a very young man and began recording prank phone calls thus he could be stated that he is the original jerky boy! At that same time his father who was a a stereo enthusiast set up a very elaborate stereo system that Stevie D quickly turned into a make shift recording set up! At around this time he started playing drums, bass then finally guitar!

In the early 80’s Stevie D took a job as head engineer at Venture Sound in Somerville NJ, a 24-track studio working for Tony Camillo a very successful arranger, producer responsible for such hits as Midnight Train To GeorgieBand Of Gold, and many more. DeAcutis would go on to work with many notable artists with CamilloCyndi LauperLJ Reynolds, and Franke Previte to name a few.

At that time he was engineering full time and running his own band which signed a production deal with Columbia Records and Ron Piccolo the head of PR at Columbia who broke the first Boston record.

In the mid 90’s DeAcutis would sign a major record deal with Sony/Colombia with his band POD working with legendary A&R guru John Kolodner. After the record got shelved DeAcutis would build Sound Spa and has been thriving as a Producer, Mixer, and Multi-Instrumentalist since the late 90’s to the present day!

These days DeAcutis is mainly working on and releasing his own material and also taking on aspiring and established artists to produce and co-write with!
On top of that he has become one of the more acclaimed and respected guitarists in music today. Visit for more information

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