CHAIDURA Releases Official Music Video for “With You”!

London based, alternative rock artist CHAIDURA has released the official music video for his newest single, “With You.” Written & performed by the artist, “With You” was directed by CLARE CHONG.

Sonically, with you is a blend of electronic, emo and metal compiled into one unique product. The song begins with an arpeggiated synth that builds up to the cathartic main riff that is full of emotion and heart.

“Through heart to heart conversations with my fans, I realize that life is getting more and more difficult these days for all of us. We are all struggling to survive and I share and feel all your pain. “With You” is a dedication to my fans who is going through a tough time and I want you to know that I’m with you” – CHAIDURA

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Hailing from Singapore and currently based in London, Chaidura is an alternative rock artist with a penchant for creating fresh melodies, incorporating an amalgamation of various influences. Inspired by visual kei bands like Gazette, Dir En Grey, Lynch, alternative metal bands like BMTH & Bad Omens, Chaidura creates a unique sound that’s a blend of east and west. Chaidura also seems to have a unique innate competency to ingeniously present music in multiple styles, blending alternative rock with hints of electronic music, metal, rap, emo and goth, all while maintaining a consistent brand that is gothic, edgy and transcendent. 2023 is where Chaidura is going all in with a burning ambition to provide a safe space for his fans to express themselves through his music. Get ready for the Chaidura experience.

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