Industrial Band genCAB Brings Reflection & Destruction To New EP


November 29, 2022 – Industrial/synthpunk band, genCAB has just unveiled their new four track EP, Everything You See Is Mine. The EP represents the dichotomies of strength and weakness; of resignation and perseverance.  A track like “Soft” addresses the weakness exposed by bullying while “Cake” talks of overthrowing leadership without harming one’s neighbors.

Says genCAB mastermind, David Dutton, “Everything You See Is Mine is named after a half mile path I built up from a game trail in the woods during the pandemic leading to the meet up of two creeks.”

Like the creeks, the EP is conceptually and lyrically a merging of thoughts often contradictory but sometimes similar. However, it is also representative of a path paved uniquely by genCAB.  It purposefully breaks down genre molds and stylistically spills onto a trail all its own. Musically the EP maintains unique structures and controlled filters that give it an organic, breathing quality.

Everything You See Is Mine is a “must hear” for electronic music listeners looking for something unique in a sea of the same. It is available in digital and cassette formats as well as a split LP release with legendary industrial band, Kevorkian Death Cycle on the Negative Gain Productions label.

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