Dual Analog Merges Spirituality & Sexuality For New Album, ‘Lust, Worship & Desire’!


March 17, 2022 – Seattle-based “turbowave” band, Dual Analog has just unveiled their new album, ‘Lust, Worship & Desire’.  Conceptually inspired by Buddhism, the album tells a story of the intersection of sexuality and spirituality.

The album opens with narrator being kissed for the first time. After years of living without affection, he decides feminine love was missing from his life.

The narrator devotes his entire existence towards reclaiming that affection and the feelings it gave him. After realizing he’ll never have an experience the same way as he did the first time, he learns his life was already complete before. Nothing was missing.

Only in learning to live without want are we able to achieve enlightenment. The album ends with the narrator learning to live with an appreciation of the present and learning the fleeting nature of all things.

‘Lust, Worship & Desire’ is available NOW on digital platforms including Bandcamp. Musically, Dual Analog describes their music as “turbowave”, a mixture of new wave, industrial and heavy metal.

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