Industrial Rock Band DEATHLINE INTERNATIONAL Addresses Climate Change With “Parasite”


December 30, 2021 – Industrial Rock Band DEATHLINE INTERNATIONAL‘s single “Parasite” addresses a problem that was once in the rear mirror, but now starts to loom large in our life. The band is based in California, a state that is ravaged by wildfires and water shortages on an unprecedented scale so it is not surprising that this is on their mind.

With the help of Christopher Hall [STABBING WESTWARD], John Fryer, and SICK JOKESDEATHLINE INTERNATIONAL has created the sonic equivalent of a flashing warning sign.

The STABBING WESTWARD mix is a driving dance monster that sets the aggressive tone for the single. The John Fryers Single mix is more intimate and has more somber undertones. Labelmates SICK JOKES  deliver a sonic assault weapon-grade mix that leaves nothing but scorched earth behind.

DEATHLINE INTERNATIONAL produced a short film based on the STABBING WESTWARD remix which brings a visual statement to the message of climate change.

About the forthcoming album, Pax Americana:

Th3Count (aka Christian Petke), the driving creative force behind the band DEATHLINE INTERNATIONAL and the mastermind behind the record label COP International, is set to launch his latest sonic missile in the form of their new album, Pax Americana.

This new album welcomes legendary producer John Fryer into the mix.  Pax Americana provides a healthy dose of aggressive reality in the music and vocals paired with vivid production elements. This is reminiscent of Fryer’s engineering strengths in mixing guitar for bands such as Stabbing Westward, Fields of the Nephilim, and Die Krupps, as well as his synth brilliance working with bands such as Fad Gadget, Moev, Yazoo, and Nine Inch Nails.

Their dynamic pairing has created a multi-layered album that is as intense and aggressive as it is beautiful in its raw descriptions of the world around us. Due out on COP International in February, 2022.