Violet Island Release Dreamy Cover of A-Ha’s“Take On Me”

Violet Island
Release Dreamy Cover of
A-Ha’s“Take On Me”
Listen Here
Nashville, TN – March 5, 2021 – Today, Violet Island release their dreamy cover of A-ha’s 1985 hit, “Take On Me.” Listen HERE. “Since Violet Island is heavily inspired by 80s sounds, we wanted to pay homage to that era by doing an 80s pop cover,” shares the duo. “We love this song and wanted to do a fresh take on it while keeping the joyful energy of the original intact.”
Violet Island is a collaborative project between Adrian Walther and Jessie Villa.Throughout his 25 years of experience, Walther has had a number of TV andFilm performances, as well as having worked and written on two Grammy-nominated albums. Meanwhile, Villa is a songwriter powerhouse of her own,having written for 15 different artist projects amassing over 12 million streams on Spotify alone. Together, the two make sweeping indie pop songs inspired by the many types of love in our lives and a heartbeat for adventure.
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